On The Double

So I’m entirely too late to do a Theme Thursday, but I don’t care. I’m doing it because here, on Sunday, I finally came up with a good idea.

This week’s Theme Thursday word is: Double.

Here we go, a short short story with an ode to the word double.


So I was feeling kind of hungry and there was nothing good to eat in the house. Trying to calm down the beast of hunger, I chomped through a pack of DoubleMint, but that didn’t help. Exasperated, I put on my doublet and filled my pockets with dubloons and left the house on the double.

I did a double step down the boulevard, looking for a nosh.

Spotting my destination, I fell in to the In-n-Out burger where I satisfied my urge, doing double duty with a Double-Double and a large side of fries.

Well that was pretty darn good, but I was not quite full, and I left that burger joint looking for a little something more.

Right across the street was a Double Rainbow ice cream store where I doubled down on a double scoop of ice creamy goodness and ate it all down.

With all that burger and ice cream in my belly, I was truly in double jeopardy and had to undo the top button on my double knit polyester pants.

Now I wasn’t just full, I was double full, so I decided to keep walking so I could work off a couple calories.

As luck would have it, I rounded a corner and saw a bunch of kids doing double dutch. I hopped right in, jumping to the double rhythm long enough so I got double indemnity from the calories by having both fun and exercise.

To reward my hard work and to finish the day, I popped in a piece of Double Bubble and chewed it hard. I tried to blow good bubbles, but it didn’t work. The gum was stale. I took that pack back to the store and demanded a double my money back guarantee on my purchase.

With my refund, I bought a disposable camera to document my day. But I must have used it wrong, because all the prints came back as double exposures. And I ordered double prints!

Ugh. I don’t got no digital camera (<- double negative) so I guess I'm out of luck. Maybe I oughta go to Vegas where I can drop double nickels and try to hit double diamonds and win the double jackpot. Then I can buy a double lens camera and capture my double good days. Instead, I went home and got into my double bed and had beautiful dreams of riding a double decker bus and drinking double espresso. And that's all I have to say about that.

Image from Harvey Park District.

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  • Mrsupole

    Hi Karen,

    I think I am seeing double now due to all the doubles here. I never knew that anyone could have so many doubles in one day and then have double the amount of fun. Now I am wanting a Double Double and am so jealous if you are really within walking distance of an In-N-Out. Okay, just a little bit.

    I have worked twice near the same In-N-Out and I seriously can smell one within a few miles. I will tell people I am with that there is one nearby and they will say I am wrong. But I always turn out to be right. One of the places I worked at was so near it that you could count the distance in feet. Every time someone opened the door the smell would come in with them. People would say how lucky we were to be right next door and we rarely ate there. I guess you never forget the smell. But once I no longer worked there I can barely drive by one and not stop to grab a burger. And those grandkids also know it, if Grandma is near one then they get fed.

    Now I am hungry for one. Thanks for playing in this weeks TT, and you know I will gladly have you play later than never.

    God bless.

    • Karen Fayeth

      Hi Mrsupole – Thanks for accepting my assignment late this week! ;)

      And I don’t actually have a In-n-Out within walking distance. It’s actually about three miles away. But walking seemed to fit my story.

      Traffic backs up onto the busy street at my local In-n-Out. Yum!

      Thanks for dropping by!!

  • Ur Bro

    I just had a double portion of tandoori chicken, which was doubly nice, and all the better as I ate it in Abu Doubly UAE. Now I am enjoying a second glass of wine and a double portion of cashews.

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