And there you have it

So. 2008. S’up?

Been a wild one, huh? Ups. Downs. Really downs. Really *really* downs.

I got married. I changed jobs. I had a nice amount of money invested in some high upside stocks.

And then I had $1.75 and a bad mood.

We had a weird, wacky, wild run up to the election and lo and behold we got a new president-elect. Don’t make me regret voting for you, sir.

What lies ahead? A roller coaster economy, more businesses failing, maybe some recovery, and those wacky Democrats at the helm.

Put on your seatbelts. Arms inside the car at all times. 2009 promises to be a dark ride.

Cheers to you and yours.

Do Not Do As I Do

Today, in order to take the chill out of my bones on a cold winter evening, I decided to take a hot bath.

So there I was, in my all in all as the tub filled, and I made a critical decision.

I got on the scale.

This, just four days after Christmas.

It’s going to take a while to recover from the shock.

Perhaps time to consider resolutions…

Sign of the times

Tonight, The Good Man and I couldn’t decide what movie to watch, so we flipped a coin.

TGM’s flip went offline, pinged off the cat and rolled across the floor.

The flip went bad since he’s accustomed to flipping a quarter for our deadlock decisions. Today all he had in his pocket was a penny.

Just not the same.

Wacked out economy.

Btw, the coin landed on tails, which means we watched The Great Debaters.