What’s That Twinkly Light Up There?

Is that Santa?

No, dear, that’s the work train that just a’ran me over today.

Wave as it mangles your sense of joy!

Back to my regularly scheduled blog insanity tomorrow.


Menlo Park CalTrain station. Photo Copyright 2011, Karen Fayeth.

Photo taken with iPhone4s using the Hipstamatic app and subject to the Creative Commons license in the far right column of this page.

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  • Patrick Strei

    Hey you are lucky to be able to take the train. I did 13 years of 88 miles a day on 101! And many have it far worse.

    My commute now: 200 meters to the gym


    • Karen Fayeth

      Pat – Actually, I don’t get to train it these days. I did for years but now my commute is quite easy.

      In this post I was doing one of them there metaphor-type thingies to describe how I felt at the end of my work day.

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