I Found Life’s Meaning

Like most travelers on this big blue cosmic marble, I’ve spent some time in my life questioning what’s it all about.

I’ve done yoga. I’ve inhaled incense. I’ve done meditation. I’ve talked to trees. I’ve talked to Buddhist monks. I’ve asked respected leaders. I’ve interpreted my dreams and I’ve sat by the sea and listened to the waves.

I’ve also drank a lot of whiskey then cussed and discussed it all with a bunch of cowboys.

In short, I’ve “done the work” but no clear answers have been forthcoming.

It seems everyone has a different take on the issue. I suppose we all have to find the truth for ourselves.

Imagine my surprise when yesterday, I found my answer in my local newspaper. It was so crystal clear, laid out in black and white.

Finally! I get it.

Here you go, a panel from a Get Fuzzy cartoon.

Sleep more than you eat. Eat more than you scratch.

Yeah man.



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For reference, here is the original strip:

Get Fuzzy comic strip for December 6, 2011 found on GOCOMICS.com.

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