The Results Are In

It’s that time of year again. Chile roasting outside grocery stores. Hot air balloons hanging in the sky. Frosty nights and crunchy leaves.

And at work, that annual tradition known as performance reviews.

Now, I hate performance reviews. I know we have to. It’s a whole human resources thang. I get it. But I hate them. I hate giving them. I hate receiving mine. I just hate the whole process.

I got them done for my staff a couple weeks back. Got them done without incident, which was nice. It helped I had some new folks that were too new to review, so I was able to struggle through the few I had and get them completed.

My Lady Boss, on the other hand, has an inordinate amount of employees so it’s taken her longer. Yesterday was the last day to get ’em done, and we squeaked it in under the wire.

As usual, I walked in knowing I worked my arse off this year, and yet was scared. This happens every year. I somehow always think there’s something I’m missing. Something I failed to do. Something I did wrong and didn’t know it. So with shaking legs I sat down and took my medicine.

Like usual, it was fine. She had many nice things to say. My Lady Boss is fairly new to the department and I still don’t quite have a read on her, but now I got my report card. Now I know the teacher thinks I’m doing ok. (The best compliment was regarding the kick ass job my team did this year. They did all the work and it’s not fair I get the credit, but I’m proud as hell of each and every one of them.)

She had a couple items for “development” that were spot on, and I appreciate her feedback. She then would up the review by reminding me that in 2008 I shouldn’t argue so vocally and vehemently with (her boss) my Vice President. (I actually did this. I was angry. It was deserved. I don’t regret it. But her point was well taken. I *could* have presented my case a bit better…..)

I got a better than average rating and a slightly better than average raise. However, “slightly better than average” at this company means “just slightly above the CPI”. It’s true, I checked. But you know what? I’ll take it. My friend who also works here got NO raise. Yep. Zip, zero, zilch, nada. And he worked hard this year. So my meager increase is something. With that, I’ll get back to work and rest easy for another year, at least on that front.

Ever forward, back into battle.

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  • Natalie

    I just spent the day with my boss. I asked her what the little “R” was next to several employee names meant… including the one next to my name. Oh, btw, that means they all have to be reviewed. Except me because it must be some kind of mistake as I’ve only been with the company for four months and we do reviews every six months.
    So, I have to write reviews on folks I’ve known for exactly five weeks. Nice. I figure I probably have a better read on them than the last two managers because I actually worked with them versus had them working for me. I am, after all, a Pisces… (lol)

    Glad to hear you got a raise. I think companies suck at doing reviews… almost all of them… and the raises are almost an embarassment.
    It is weird that a person can get hired from the outside and make more money than someone who has worked there for several years and made their way up… and are usually a go-to person. Hardly seems fair to me.
    I am very good at writing reviews as I’ve mastered the art of using the word “consistently” minimally and have a plethora of vocabulary terms that could be used for either a review or a horse training.

    Hahahahaha… back in the saddle, and all, management sucks sometimes.

  • Natalie


    yeah… I kin spell, too… and my gramar is extemplary…


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