The Laws of A State Named Denial

So. Here we are. The eighth day of the month. No big deal, right? Just like every other 8th day of any other month.

People keeping saying something about an “event” or some something or other coming up at the end of the month.

I have no idea what they are talking about.

I’m sure it’s nothing. Some fake internet celebration like that one day where everyone was supposed to leave their bank and go to a credit union.

You know, I keep trying to schedule meeting for the last two weeks of the month but everyone’s calendars are busy! I mean, all day, every day.

There must be a training session or something.


I cannot imagine what in the heck must be going on. This is just another simple ordinary month. Nothing special going on. Just another month in the year.

Not sure why, but there is a tree that has sprung up down the hallway from my office. Must be the company plant-care team trying something out. Perhaps I’ll call them and say I think it’s in the way. Hard to walk around it.

And the mail team must have dumped off some lost packages over there, because there are all of these boxes by that dumb tree.

I mean, we’re all trying to do a job here!

The grocery stores sure are playing bouncy music lately. Lots of bells. Maybe that’s the new trend in music? Sometimes it’s horns. Or heavy electric guitar. But these days, bells.

Seriously, am I missing something? It seems like everyone is up to something but I don’t know what.

Nope. It’s just another day in just another month and nowhere NEAR the end of the year because that cannot possibly be.

It’s like April, right? Of 2003? Or maybe 1999?

Because time cannot possibly be moving this fast.

It just can’t.

It can’t it can’t it can’t!!!

Greetings from the State of Denial. Population: Me.

This non-event thusly satisfies today’s Theme Thursday word: event

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  • brian miller

    whew it is flowing far too fast…dont blink you might miss it…

  • Hvninhell

    Right there with ya! Fun piece!

  • Anji

    I thought we’d just got to August. I wondered why it was so cold

  • Natalie

    Working 12+ hours, six days a week with a two hour a day commute on top of that. I’m not sure whether I’m coming or going. Shopping? Tree? Cooking? Baking?
    Oh, I’ll get it done but, Lawdy, Lawdy… (Probably all in one day. lol)

    Hang in there.

    • Karen Fayeth

      Natalie – Oh girl, I hear you. Believe me, I hear ya.

      It’s why they invented spiked egg nog. Just sayin’

  • Mrsupole

    Can I join you in that state? I mean I have just barely gotten used to writing 2011 on my checks and now in a few more weeks I will have to start writing another year. I need a clock that can turn back time to, well let’s say the 1970’s. No PC’s, cell phones, laptops, video games, DVD’s, back then we actually spent time with people in person instead of texting and video chatting. I mean seriously, my 10 year old grandson was hexting me the other day (texting people in the house). I asked why he just didn’t come out of the room to talk to me and he said he was being lazy.

    And the nerve of those people to make you walk around a tree with boxes, do they not know that could be considered as a dangerous work obstacle, and maybe they are all booking some early New Year’s parties and starting the celebration early. It is a good thing I never put up one of those dangerous trees in my house anymore. Life is just too dangerous to have trees falling on you “inside” one’s house. Keeping everything connected to those trees up in the rafters is something that I have found to make life safer at my house. Laziness does indeed have a few benefits.

    Thanks for coming back and playing this week. We missed you.

    God bless.

    • Karen Fayeth

      Mrsupole – C’mon over! Happy to have you in my same state of denial.

      We serve good food over here too! ;)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • joan claus

    Have you tried Googling your question?

  • joan claus

    Oops, I meant to suggest that you try Googling the question about the meaning of life.

    • Karen Fayeth

      Aunty Sunshine – ;) No problem. I followed your advise and Googled. A Wikipedia page was the first result. Good stuff!

      Thanks for the suggestion!

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