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There’s a lady I work with who I like a lot, and she and I have become pretty good friends. We’ve decided, together, that we need to get more exercise during our long work days. To that end, we’ve started taking lunchtime walks along all the wonderful walking paths near our office.

During the walks, we generally kibitz or cuss about work or discuss the news of the day. I’ve learned that my new friend is a big fan of birds, I think she keeps three at home. She loves looking at all the wild birds out there in our marshland ponds, and I do too.

I’ve talked before about the proliferation of birds, and especially Canada geese, here in my vicinity.

Yesterday my friend and I were walking around the lake at a brisk pace when she suddenly stopped and gasped. “Look at that goose!” she said and pointed.

Running along one side our little lake is a very busy street. This goose was strutting out into traffic, headed for a sizable puddle of standing water. There must have been something tasty looking in that stale water, because the goose would not be denied, full speed ahead…until a car went zooming by, and the goose was blown back by the jet wash.

“Get back here!” my friend shouted to the unsteady goose, as though her maternal tone would make it mind its manners.

“Get back here you goose! You silly, silly goose! You’re a silly goose! Yes you are, why are you such a silly goose?”

Oddly, the goose must have known he was in the presence of One Who Knows Birds, because it did just as she asked. It looked at her warily, then that silly high stepping goose strutted its way back over to the curb, ungracefully waddled up, and went about its way munching at the green grass.

“That’s a good goose,” my friend said as we continued our walk.

I smiled to myself. Now, just who is the real silly goose? The one trying to find food for its existence, or the human hollering at a bird?


Since today is actually Thursday, then it must be time for Theme Thursday. Today’s prompt is: Silly

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  • Meryl

    Great post. You make a great point! Thanks for the smile.

  • shanae branham

    Great story! What a fun place to walk. You sound like a very supportive friend. Thank you for sharing.

    • Karen Fayeth

      shanae – It’s a really great place to walk. Lots of wildlife that changes with the seasons. I really enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Saugraamzindagi

    Nice read, Karen.
    I too enjoy long walks seeing birds (for me it’s peacocks all around):-)
    Thanks for visiting and commenting. Appreciate that.

    • Karen Fayeth

      Saugraamzindagi – Peacocks! Noisy but lovely! How wonderful that must be. Thanks for the comment!

  • Olivia

    Mega lols Karen!!!!
    Munching the grass? The image says so- well!!

    I wouldn’t blame your friend because I keep doing this stuff myself pretty often. I have pigeons almost “adopted” in my verandas! I keep talking to them! A few have been accustomed so much to me and they don’t bother to fly away till I am about to catch them..

    Infact, I had to conspire against a pair because come morning n those would start “ghoonrh- ghoonrh” noise at a precision of an alarm snooze if I were to shoo them off. This has been this way since September of 2010. The whole of Winters were cursed- I could never sleep late in the morning..!!

    I love birds.. Alright, I said it already.. haha
    Hugs xx

  • Don

    Cute story, and better because it was true. That she was able to talk the goose back was great! And I think all three of you are silly, the goose, your friend, and you, but the two humans silly in a good way. ;)


  • Ur Bro

    There’s some good eatin on them there critters….

    • Karen Fayeth

      Big Bro – The Good Man says that the economy can’t be that bad as long as there are plenty of geese still wandering around out there. If things were really tough, they’d be in stock pots already.

      • Ur Bro

        TGM is very wise. In places like Manila or KL you never see large birds running around, not even pidgins. Such critters are curry.

        Rats on the other hand…. The size of your fat cat. Good news to see a big monitor lizard walking through the neighborhood because it means the rats will soon be gone.

        On the other hand if you see rats it means no cobras around. Wolrld record king cobra was found only a few miles from my house……

  • Anji

    It’s quite normal. I always send wasps and bees on their way, asking them to leave and showing them the open window.

    It’s lovely when you find someone who appreciates the same things as you.

    • Karen Fayeth

      Anji – you are a braver woman than I. I’m terrified of wasps!! But I do admit to my own predilection for talking to animals, too. :)

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