Free Association, the headcold version

In my internet wanderings over the weekend, I stumbled across LunaNiƱ, and the weekly feature Unconscious Mutterings.

It’s simply a good old-fashioned bit of free association, used to learn something more about a (usually troubled) person.

So what the heck, I’m usually troubled, why not play along?

Here we go…

  1. Limited :: Yeah, that reminds me of that really great store in the mall from when I was a youth. I loved The Limited, used to buy all my clothes there. Is that place even open anymore? A quick Google search says yes. That’s so out of my demographic anymore…
  2. Zombie :: Braaiiiiiins! Braaaaaains! Or, what I looked like this morning with a face puffy from a headcold and a red, raw nose. Tiiiiisssue! Tiiiiisssue!
  3. Energy :: As in, I have none
  4. Proof :: Proof? You want proof? I don’t gotta prove nothing to no one!
  5. Hassle :: I’m saying! Don’t hassle me about proof. I’ll give you proof when I’m damn good and ready! (don’t mind me, it’s the fever talking)
  6. Peep :: Does anyone actually like and eat those marshmallow Peeps? They must, because the stores are filled to the ceilings full of those vibrant hued sticky blobs. Look, I love sugar as much as the next guy, but those things are gross. Give me a Cadbury egg any day of the week!
  7. Jogger :: Which is what I’ll need to become if I keep snarfing down the Cadbury treats.
  8. Hunt :: Where in the hell did I put the TV remote? I swear to god I think The Good Man took it. I’ll whup a knot on his head! Don’t make me hunt you down! Oh…there it is, under my left buttock. I can’t help it, I’m sick. : cue the pitiful music :
  9. Career :: I hope I still have one after being sick three times in seven months. My boss is very patient, but this morning he said “You are sick *again*?” Yeah…..
  10. Plants :: The plants are digging the sun. All the little leaves and buds are alive and kicking. Spring is springing up everywhere, I love it! Not that I can enjoy it today as I’m on the couch snuffling and feeling sorry for myself. : sad trombones :

Ok, ok…enough of that….. I seem to be stuck on a meme, and not a very good one.

Onward into the day. Waiter, I’ll take a bathtub full of Theraflu…nighttime flavor.

Oooh yeaah.

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  • jeanne

    Oh no! I hope you feel better soon! I feel your pain though… we have had “the crud” run through us a couple of times recently as well. Chicken noodle soup! Oh… and I am right there with you about Peeps! Yuck! Can’t stand them! Bring on the chocolate!! :)
    Get better soon!

    • Karen Fayeth

      Hey Jeanne – Someone who agrees with me about Peeps! Right OONNNN!


      Here’s hoping your house is crud free. It’s been a long, rough cold for me. ugh!

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