A Nordstrom Epiphany

Yeah, so, I’m attending a friend’s wedding this weekend.

After a decade and a half of working in Silicon Valley companies with their schlubby dress codes, it turns out that I have a lot of pants and very few dresses in my closet.

This wedding is taking place in a lovely art gallery in Southern New Mexico. A really elegant place. This is going to be a very classy wedding.

Oh god…I need to wear a dress. And I don’t have one. Or at least not one nice enough for this shindig.

So today after work, I went shopping.

I hate shopping.

I used to really, really love shopping. Adored clothes. Couldn’t get enough shoes.

But not anymore.

Today as I sighed and whined, I closed my eyes and asked myself “why do I hate shopping this much?”

Then I opened my eyes and the answer lay there in front of me.

I dislike shopping so much these days because:

I’m living in a

kind of world.

And I have become a

kind of girl.

That explains it all.

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  • Nadine in Nevada

    But did you find a dress is the question?

  • Don

    And I prefer a lady wearing shoes more like the second photo myself… Even though I wore “stacks” in high school 35 years ago, I never really understood them even then.. Definitely don’t now! They are bad on the body, can quickly become uncomfortable, and just plain not good looking…

    Friar Don, OBR

    • Karen Fayeth

      Don – Ah yes, the 70’s, when everyone had platform shoes. Good memories! LOL.

      I don’t mind a nice heel, but these shoes these days are out of control.

  • Natalie

    Oh, Karen… I couldn’t agree with you more. Finding anything that isn’t hoochie-mama, is elegant, and fits right is downright impossible. And the shoes… the freakin’ SHOES! I can do heels but the crap that’s out now? YuckoBlechYou’veGotToBeKidding!

    Dillards used to be my go-to (no Nordstoms here!) but they have given in to the awful crap out now, too.

    Just something simple and elegant… that’s all I’ve ever asked for but it’s just not there, anymore.

    Good luck… and try to stay away from black. lol

    • Karen Fayeth

      Nat – I was actually looking for a nice pair of black pumps that might “dress up” something I already have. No luck whatsoever.

      I LOVE Dillards and had planned to shop there upon my arrival in NM. But you’re saying they’ve gone to the dark side too? ugh!!

      I went to Nordstrom thinking “I’ll even pay a little to get something elegant” — You’d think Nordies would be the place? Nope!!

      The search continues.

  • Anji

    I haven’t worn heels since my own wedding nearly 27 years ago. I caught myself looking at a red pair of very high shoes the other day, only to wonder why the heels wouldn’t snap.

    • Karen Fayeth

      Anji – Or my ankle! I tried on a couple of those sky high heels just for fun and I couldn’t walk in them. And I’m a veteran wearer of heels!

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