Ethically Correct, but Way Less Fun

I got an advance peek at the agenda for the wedding I’m going to this weekend. There’s all the usual stuff you’d expect, including the part where the bride and groom leave the reception to go start their new life together. Bubbles will be handed out to attendees to herald their departure.

It used to be rice, but rice proved to be unhealthy for the birds who ate it and got bad tummy aches.

Then it moved to birdseed, which was awesome for the birds, but not so good for the wedding venues who had to try to shoo a million fat pigeons away. And then power wash all that poop. Ugh.

So now, we’re at bubbles. Water based. Ethically correct. Fun in their own way, but not really as fun as rice or birdseed.

I remember well when I was just a young’un back in high school and I attended by brother’s wedding. When the time came for the bride and groom to head out, a bag of birdseed was dropped into my palm. I opened it and dumped the contents into my hand. As my brother walked by with his beautiful bride, I’d intended to sort of toss it and shower the happy couple.

Somehow in my over zealousness, I overhanded the batch and power drove a pile of birdseed into my sibling.

At first I was horrified.

Then I laughed my ass off. Um. Whoops.

And now, some 26 years later (has it really been 26 years? Wow. Happy Anniversary you crazy kids) the memory still kind of makes me laugh.

A lot. Out loud. Not because I powerblasted my brother, that was rude. Because I often crack myself up at what a complete wackadoodle I can be.

For the couple marrying this weekend, I probably would have given them a nice gentle rice toss and avoided any grievous harm, as I’m both older and wiser. Suffice to day I won’t be causing any physical harm with a bubble this weekend. Really, it’s better this way.

Except for my dress (as yet to be purchased) because I always end up spilling soapy bubble water down my front in my over zealousness. See? Whackadoodle.

Really, what this all means is that I need to cool my jets a little better and keep myself in low gear. I intend to try (some but not too much) wine, maybe beer, to suit this purpose. (Too much = exponential wackadoodle)

Perhaps a couple glasses of bubbly? Hmm……

Today’s Theme Thursday is: bubbles

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  • brian miller

    lol…reminded me of my grandmother who forgot to untie the bag of birdseed and hit me in the eye…seriously…think she got a little over zealous as well…

    • Karen Fayeth

      Brian – LOL!!! Ouch. You know….I always do get along best with the grannies. That’s probably why I’m always seated next to them.

      Just sit me next to your Grams and we’ll share a cup of rum punch and do our best to behave.

  • Mrsupole

    I think we should send you overseas to fight some of those terrorists and they would be quaking in their sandals with fear. You are such a terror at weddings. Okay, just kidding, well since your brother is still talking to you. I do think this story makes the day a little funnier than it might have been.

    Thanks for sharing such a great memory with us for this weeks bubble Theme Thursday.

    God bless.

    • Karen Fayeth

      Mrsupole – Your idea has merit, except my bad aim and overzealousness have no control switch. I’d hate to send off some friendly birdseed peltings.


  • postcardy

    Bubbles can make a mess. At least that is what happened when I used my bubble solution that is made for cats to chase. I wouldn’t want any of the solution on my good clothes.

    • Karen Fayeth

      postcardy – I didn’t know they made cat friendly bubbles. I know dogs love to chase ’em. I figured cats would ignore. But you are right, they do make a big mess.

      Thanks for the comment!!

  • Ur bro

    Just skip the little ring and all the blowing, Think of Monsignor Reefer splashishing the parishioners with holy water. That will get the happy coulpes attention.

    Was his name really Reefer? Whoa dude??

    • Karen Fayeth

      Big Bro – The happy couple ended up staying longer than anyone at the party. Their wedding planner was bummed about no bubbles. She made us take bubbles with us anyway. LOL.

  • Ur bro

    Splashishing? How did auto correct come up with that?

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