Wordless and Wacked Out Thursday

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Much, much going on during what most describe as the busiest week of the year for my company.

I’ve been pulled right into the fray, which is a good sign. They trust me to get in there.

But I’m learning to run this fast again and the joints ache, if I may use such a metaphor.

And so, I didn’t want to let another day go by without a post.

I went to Flickr and pulled one of the first images I saw because it seems to sum up my week.

The photo I chose is below. This is a really, really stunning photograph. Actually, if you have time, visit the entire photostream, amazing photographic work.

Enjoy! This image is pretty symbolic of my day. A carnival! (without the cotton candy or corn dogs).

Image by Photography by Omerell on Flickr.

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