This ain’t no disco. It ain’t no country club either.

Baby…this is LA.

My relationship with LA is a complicated one. Mostly because it’s a complicated city to love.

There’s so much that’s *wrong* with LA. But over the course of many, many years, I’m starting to understand what’s just so *right* about it too.

I’m excited to go because I have a super fantastic reason to be there. My incredibly talented cousin has written a rock opera, and this weekend is a first run of the production for the public.

This is the same cousin who wrote and staged a rather successful musical just a few years back. I know! Mind bogglingly talented.

Wild horses couldn’t keep me away from this event this weekend.

And so, over the Grapevine I go and back into the arms of the love it-hate it town of LA.

I’ll see about humming a Tom Petty tune as I do. Or maybe The Doors. Or… What is the perfect LA song? (And I don’t want to hear anything about no Randy Newman either.)

Photo by Sebastian Stefanov used royalty free from stock.xchng.

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  • Ur Bro

    Californication by the Chile Peppers

    Or old school, Wipeout by the Surfairies

    Both on my iTunes right now

  • Ephraim F. Moya


    When in LA visit:

    Near the Civic Center: Tommy’s Hamburgers. Get a Chile Cheese Burger.

    In the valley: A&W chinese near Reseda and Vanowen. Get a large Special Seafood Hot and Sour soup and steamed rice. This is enough but you might get one other thing to share with TLM.

    In Moorpark: Lalo’s Mexican Food. Get a burrito for yourself and a shrimp ceviche to share. I like the red burrito and Mary likes the green one. The red chile is very mild so you get the taste of the chile and not the heat. If you like it a little pointy there’s some Cholula on the table.

    They’re all three outstandingly good and relatively cheap. Of the three my favorite is A&W.

    El Gastronome

  • joan claus

    And there is no better audience member than his tremendously artistic cousin(and her good man). I hope you really act up and get the party going.

    • Karen Fayeth

      Aunty Sunshine – Just know TGM and I did you proud. There was a few whoops and a couple hollers.

      What an amazing night! So intense to see the story live!

  • Mrsupole

    I only go to LA when I absolutely positively have no choice. I try to keep it to where I always have a choice. Which is funny since I spent my first so many years of my life living there or nearby. And I guess 60 miles away is not that far but it seems far.

    Hope you have lots of fun there. Very talented family I am thinking.

    Also new themes for TT will be put up on Sundays and postings your TT is on Thursday. Please come visit for this weeks theme which is already up.

    God bless.

    • Karen Fayeth

      Hi Mrsupole – Hey! Thanks for stopping by and taking on the Theme Thursday mantle. Happy to have you on board and excited about the new format!

      Thanks for the comment too!!

  • Elise

    I wish I’d read this sooner!

    I lived in Hermosa Beach during the 90s (and tended bar in Santa Monica), and I really didn’t appreciate L.A. at the time. But there are things I’ve always missed about it. I think most residents (and ex-residents) have a love/hate relationship with it.

    As regards songs, whenever I hear Shawn Mullins’ Lullabye, I’m back in L.A.

    Of course, X’s Los Angeles is #1, with The Distillers’ City of Angels at #2. None of this Tom Petty bidness. For me, L.A. is punk rock. ;-)

    • Karen Fayeth

      Elise – Oooooooh, Shawn Mullins. THAT is perfect.

      And nice pull on the punk too. I definitely get that vibe in certain parts of town.

      We stayed right in the heart of the Sunset Strip (right next door to the House of Blues) and I gotta say, that part of town is humming. Loved every minute of it.

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