She Did What?!? Ooooh Guuuuurl….

Here we are at Thursday again and that means it’s time for Theme Thursday fun.

This week’s theme is: Gossip

Or as a friend once said, “If you can’t say something nice, come sit by me.”

There are certain words that, for reasons I cannot explain, I just prefer to think of in Spanish. Chisme is just such a word. There is the relatively plain word “gossip” and then there is the inflection laden word “chisme.”


I would like to say I’m above all this chisme business. That I never sit in the passenger seat of a pickup with my best friend, Sonic sodas in hand, and cuss and discuss the world around us. I’d like to say I’m not like that, but I’d be lying.

I’m an eternal Nosy Nellie. I don’t like to get mean…I just like to know what’s going on. Call it insecurity. Call it envy. Call me irresponsible…just don’t call me late for dinner.

And let’s be honest, hasn’t Facebook just upped the ante on chisme? I mean, you can see what so-in-so is saying on their wall and then there’s the inevitable “did you SEE what she said?” or “did you SEE that picture?”

It used to be the biddies would pick up the party line and listen in on their neighbors (guilty as charged) but now it’s all out there on the interwebs.

I think it’s interesting, I looked up the etymology of the word gossip. Here’s what it said:

“The word is from Old English godsibb, from god and sibb, the term for godparents, i.e. a child’s godfather or godmother.”

Um, ok. I’m a godmother times three…so doesn’t that give me permission to cluck like a hen with all my girlfriends?

“The verb to gossip, meaning “to be a gossip”, first appears in Shakespeare.”

And I’m all literary and stuff, too!

Now…come on over….tell me, what’s the latest? You got any chisme for me?

“Don’t chat! Chatting leads to treason”

1941 Soviet era poster, used under Fair Use and found on Wikipedia

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  • trisha

    i can have a million dollar bet that all gossip mongers think this way. :)


  • dave bonner

    19 May 11
    By now you know whom I am. Allow me to bring your readers up to speed about me. I am somebody that accidentally discovered this blog four or five days ago. I read the article, long since forgotten, and went to the bottom of the archives and worked my way up from the bottom of each page to to the top….fore every single month!

    I am up to speed on this blog….sort of… I stalled out for business purposes sometime in April of 09. I read over two years without reading anything else! I’ve paid my dues to be here! I’ll get the last half read… but even I can keep my ‘way-back-machine’ gassed up for so long before I have to surface!

    I feel an attack coming on… but we are all friends so lets just call it a challenge.

    But more of me first! I live on the East Mesa of Las Cruces, NM. For those more discerning of the neighborhood, I live just off Moongate Road. We are different than town folk, University Folk, and in particular,… different than the rich yankee/bay-ficks that move in here raising the price of realestate…. and most importantly…different than Butterfield Park on the WRONG side of the freeway! I live in Moongate edition and don’t ever forget it! I own rental property over in butterfield/ And I’m proud to announce I even own one near the WATER COMPANY. I am indeed a minor slumlord with premium holdings in butterfield.

    With that in mind… I came to this blog to study blogs as I am considering one. I love New Mexico…. but wouldn’t name a blog after the sumnabitch…. I just lack the imagination… and have a certain respect for my betters!

    Of course… when I start mine… I will be self hosted from the get go!!! some mistakes I don’t have to make… and that is not why I am here, but why I have read over two-hundred-fifty posts!!! non stop… except for beer/unbeer/ and one DWI school tonight. By the way… this is Dona Ana County…welcome to dwi school…. but in all honesty…I got mine honest! And it wasn’t at no friggin baseball game!

    I got my dwi at a high school football game!…

    But I digress… there was an attack coming on.. Its about Karen’s lack of imagination for ‘Truly Thursday’ or whatever she calls it. Karen, you are a brilliant woman…at least successful by DA county standards and happily married that beats the hell out of all the rest of your local peers here. Yet you arbitrarily just pull these words out ‘seemingly nowhere’ and try to relate them to you.

    May I make a suggestion? Pick a word. Pick a word…just like you ‘Cute Man’ suggested that is close to you… one you know about.
    You chose ‘gossip’ for this weeks theme. Go ahead…disappoint me! Tell me that gossip is a big thing on you schedule. I would not rather believe it. May I offer a word?
    How about the word “seduce”?

    • You lived a single upwardly mobile life for 20 years
    • You are still enthralled with the way you got your guy.
    • You are enticing suppliers
    • You have underlings on at least one level
    • You have bosses from multiple levels
    • You have international owners that would just love to replace you

    Yet you are a stranger to the fine art of seduction? Whom, Miss Karen, could theme ‘seduction’ like you could?

    Now where was I?
    I was representing the Great State of New Mexico… from God’s end…Not the politician’s end. And in that endeavor… I gave up baseball in the fourth grade…over there in the little town that should have the County seat of Eddy County…. friggin spelunkers!
    After that baseball summer I learned a mans sport…. football! And I was instantly GOOD AT IT!!! I am a big guy! Strong, dumb and mean! My instructions were reduced from throw here if they… or throw there… if they… and oh by the way… hit the little white ball with this stick…

    To something that just fit me like a glove!!!! Knock that big bastard on his ass and hold him there until some body blows a whistle. This I could understand!!! And as said I am good at it.

    Please do not be deceived by the change in tense of the verb. I am 57 years old. I AM the oldest football player in the GREAT STATE of New Mexico! And as such… at this time I am the oldest in the United Statutes of America both this year and last.

    The league is Alumni Football USA…. full contact football by high school rules! Tell your “good boys” and “cute men” to “Get Back In The Game!!!!” ‘There will be a game near you soon.’

    Unless, of course, you come from the Duke. They don’t play football there….except La Queva. The mans game in New Mexico is played in the Southern part of the state. The two powerhouses until Miss Karen’s presence was always in Eddy County…Carlsbad vs Artesia! Now….Carlsbad couldn’t even field an alumni team. And Artesia passed on Clovis to take on…I’m ashamed to say…. Lovington and they traveled to get the game. The man’s sport is as dead in Eddy County as it is in Bernalillo!

    See me in action at the link Miss Karen provides. The link is at the top of the page. The videos below are of my hooligan son… taken at Miss Karen’s all-tha-matter. Below that is an advertisement for a man that stole my boy’s other KTM…. rewards still current and genuine.

    Now that I’m all introduced…. I’d like to be a regular contributor to your feline tribute to MY state.


    • Karen Fayeth

      Dave – Wow, at 950 words, that is the longest comment I’ve received in my meager four years of blogging. Congratulations, you win the windiest reader award! And I thought I was real liberal with the words. Well done, sir!

      Thanks much for taking the time to read this little ol’ blog going back several years. That takes some endurance, my friend, and I’m impressed.

      You may have missed some of the recent posts where I talk about being on business travel this week. My boss has me busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest, so while I have been keeping up on your journey through my blog, I have been unable to reply to your comments. In fact, I am going to be late to my training class this morning so that I could take a couple minutes and reply to you.

      I thoroughly enjoy the readers I have here on this little ol’ blog of mine, so welcome to the fray.

      By the by, regarding your comments about my Theme Thursday stuff….I don’t come up with those words myself. If you click on the link that I provide in every Theme Thursday post, you’ll find it’s another blog and something of a community who all write on the same word over the course of a week.

      And besides, a random word like that is a good tool to get The Muse rolling. In fact, I appreciate that you’re not up to the 2010 posts yet, but June 21 through 24 of 2010 I wrote a 1000 word fiction story a day using only a random word as my starting point.

      So while you don’t have to like the random Theme Thursday stuff, I really do like it for myself, so I’ll likely keep on.

      Also, you gotta know that my blog is really just a place for me to empty out my brain. Posts are about whatever is rolling around in there on a given day, so you are right, I often don’t go back and revisit a topic I opened. Sometimes I do. Sometimes it rains. The point is, who knows what’s going on in that brain of mine? I just let off the safety valve once a day and that seems to have sustained me well over what is now 1,185 posts.

      Now…on to other topics. I expect the purpose of all this fun has been to entice me to visit your own site, and I have. First, let me say I hope you catch the son of a bitch who stole your boy’s bike. Your boy seems like a real good man, and while I don’t know him or you, I’m moved by how proud you are of your boy.

      I’m also decently impressed that you’re out there playing football with all those young ‘uns. You must be made of some stronger stuff than I…I can’t seem to manage a day of too many saturated fats without collapsing. So again, well done, sir.

      I’ll do you the honor of adding your site to my blog roll. It’s my way of saying thanks for slogging through literally years and years of my posts.

      Well, I’d best get rolling or face the wrath of my boss today.

      I appreciate your stopping by. I’ll keep on doing what I’m doing and you do the same.

      Have fun and take good care of my home state, ok?

  • Ephraim F. Moya


    Psst! Did you hear the latest about our former Gov ?? Look:

    It looks like he’s getting off ??


  • Natalie

    There is so much chisme in the state of New Mexico it ain’t funny. I attribute it to the good ol’ boy (and now gal governor) network as it ain’t what you know; it’s who you know. I’ve lived in six different states and I can honestly say this state is the worst for it.
    I love Dave’s self-referenced, chisme comment, even at 950 gossip juicy words. lol! That there’s a tongue in cheek response, if I’ve ever seen one!
    Oh, and btw, did you hear… It’s the end of the world as we know: Don’t panic and always know where your towel is… (name that reference!)


  • becca givens

    OMG – I see the word “gossip” gives us quite a stir!! :-)

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