Mmmm. Tastes Like Turkey!

I’ve ranted off an on over the years about the plaguey b*stards with fluffy tails that run roughshod over my yard, streets and power lines. They eat the insulation off of cables. They eat all the plants out of the ground. They eat all the apricots off my favorite tree (and holler at me when I try to pick a few so I can make a nice pie.)

In case I’ve been too mild on this topic, I’ll say it out clear: I hate squirrels.

So I smiled to myself when I saw this headline linked off of Give Squirrel a Whirl

Yes, you of tender tummy and mild disposition, they’re talking eatin’ squirrel on the Eatocracry blog.

“The general consensus was that it tasted more earthy and sumptuous than the darkest turkey they’d ever tasted”

Now, I may not actually want to have one of these somnabitches on my dinner plate, but I’ll certainly help with the supply chain. If this trend takes off, I’m sitting on a gold mine over here.

The only trouble is…The Good Man won’t let me fire a bb gun at the rodents. He says the neighbors might not approve…you know, owing to the fact that my bb gun aim has never been right.

Rodent, it’s what’s for dinner.

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  • Ur Bro

    Two words….. Monitor lizard. No more squirrel problems.

    • Karen Fayeth

      Big Bro – I’m in! Send me one? Just put “books” on the customs paperwork.

      *schnort* I crack myself up.

      • Ur Bro

        Yeah and once the squirrels are gone, that lizard skin would make for a fine pair of boots for a Saturday night two step…

  • Elise

    Woman, I am drawing a line in the sand for you, and you shall not cross eet.





    You may have some redneck in you–and I can relate, because I do, too–but you are no hillbilly. No skwrrl for you. No. NO.

    Don’t make me come up there.

    • Karen Fayeth

      Elise – Oh girl…no no no. I wouldn’t ever actually eat the damn things. No, don’t misunderstand. Ew.

      However….I’m more than happy to add every one of the overcrowded squirrel population of my neighborhood to the supply chain. They need squirrels, I’ll box all these destructive rodents up and ship ’em out. I haaaaate them.

      But eat them? No. : shudder :

  • Beth

    I ate squirrel once when I was a kid. My dad went squirrel hunting and my mom made brunswick stew with the results. Yuck! Too gamey tasting, plus I was just a kid and I liked watching the cute squirrels playing in the backyard and didn’t like the thought of eating them. To this day I CANNOT eat brunswick stew, even when I know it’s made with chicken, not squirrel. Of course that might also be because of the okra, which also tastes yucky.

    • Karen Fayeth

      Beth – Ah yes, I had to suffer a few “your dad hunted it so you have to eat it” sort of gamey experiences. I totally understand.

      • Ur Bro

        Don’t forget that eating such things were invariably required because they would “put hair on your chest.”

  • Avelino

    Just yesterday a squirrel dug up one of the squash plants in my garden. I was furious. Unless I completely enclose it in chicken wire, I don’t know what I could do to keep them out (it’s fenced in on all four sides, but they just talk right down the wood fence). I definitely feel your pain.

    And cooked squirrel isn’t bad: I ate it once after squirrel hunting with my cousins and uncle in New Mexico back when I was a kid. Upon further reflection, I don’t know that we were doing things in an entirely legal fashion, but fresh squirrel roasted over a campfire was OK by me at that age.

  • Don

    Squirrel is pretty good eating if done right… Not much meat some times, so you need more than one to have a good meal at times (especially if more than one are eating)…

    I say practice your BB shooting and get you one or two, skin ’em and give them a try. ;)


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