Is it really getting on time again??

The other day, my partner said, “I can’t believe it’s August, soon it will be Fall”. I shot him a whiny look. I *love* the summer. I’m at my best in the summer with the warm and the light and all that comes with summer. “But I like Fall,” he claimed. Yeah, I do too, but it’s always sad for me…it means winter darkness is just around the corner.

I loathe days when it’s dark at 5:00pm. I’m at work, working away and it’s pitch black outside. Wah!

I saw a harbinger of the impending fall in Wednesday’s ABQjournal. Evidently the debate is on whether to televise the burning of Zozobra this year. It’s scheduled for September 6. Wow. Already?

I’ve watched Zozobra burn both on TV and in person. I have to say, the impact is FAR greater in person. When you chant “burn, burn, burn” along with thousands of your closest, drunkest friends, you feel a certain tribal kinship that’s hard to find in other places. It’s joyful and sad and creepy and a passage of time all at once. And then you go to the Fiesta de Santa Fe and drink and eat to forget. But Old Man Gloom stays in your soul.

Info can be found here. In one of those “the more things change…” moments, I realize they are charging admission to the event. I remember when it used to be free. You just rushed the field, beer in hand, and staked your spot. Oh well…….

Jeez, already a few weeks away from Zozobra. The kids go back to school next week. Soon the State Fair will be here. Time, she moves too fast for me….

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  • Natalie

    I love summer, too, but fall, especially here in NM, is my absolutely favorite.
    I long for sweater-wear, layering, and comfortably wearing my boots. I can hardly wait for the smell of pinon wafting through the chilly (not chili or even chile) evening. I love walking through the neighborhood and smelling fresh tortillas cooking. And the sky and the trees and the Bosque and hot coffee sipped on the back patio while watching the moon rise over the Petroglyphs.
    And the touristas have gone home.
    The aspens…
    Taos and the river that runs through it.
    Even Santa Fe is palatable (after Indian Market… yeesh!) and you can actually get right in for dinner ’cause the population dims, somewhat.
    And, finally, all of the snakes go into hybernation and you feel better about walking to the volcanoes from the Petroglyphs. I have to think about things like that due to having three numbnut boys, one sansnuts dog, one spazzy dog, and a g/f who screams “like a girl” at anything moving in the brush. lol
    Oh… Fair… New Mexico.

  • Natalie

    Oh, and kids are back in school on Tuesday.
    If you hear screaming followed by a collective sigh…
    that’s us.

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