Hi Hi He

While I will admit to the fact that I am the kind of storyteller that enjoys a liberal splash of hyperbole in all my writings, I hereby certify that the following is a true and accurate description of the events of yesterday.

Here we go.

So there I was in the ladies room finishing up my I-drank-too-many-cups-of-green-tea business when another lady entered the stall next to me and with much huffing and rustling of seat cover went ahead and copped a squat.

As she settled in she began heartily whistling “over hill, over dale, we will hit the dusty trail” also known as the Caisson Song or the Army song.

Apparently this rousing rendition was the perfect accompaniment to the job ahead.

I hi hi hee’d right the heck out of the concert hall before she got to the part about “field artillery.”

No one wants to be a part of that.

That completes the entirety of the thoughtful and meaningful content of this post, dated Friday, March 8th in the year 2013.

Happy Friday.

Image from Observations & Answers.

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  • Ur Bro

    I have learned many amazing things about life in the woman’s rest room from your blog over the years…

  • New Mexican

    @ Ur Bro AND Karen…. I too have learned, and that is with me only being in a womans bathroom one time many years ago when I had too much to drink at a bar called the Pink Elephant on Colfax in Denver. Realized I was in the wrong head when I saw the heels walking in front of the stall. Put my feet up on either side, waited till the lady finished her business and then I sneaked out before any one found me ehere and called the cops.

  • Karen Fayeth

    To Big Bro and New Mexican:

  • Judith Westerfield

    I LOVE your blog. Discovered it through your mother-in-law, Jaime. I can’t find out how to subscribe. Could you e-mail me what to do?

    • Karen Fayeth

      Hi Judith! Welcome. In the very top right corner of the page is a link for the RSS feed. That should either open in whatever reader app you are using, or I believe you can go into your app and put in the url and that should get it all set up!

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