Going to Carlsbad in my mind

Yeah, I just said that. Okay, maybe not actually Carlsbad, but near Carlsbad.

For a while back in the day (also called “the college years”) my folks lived in Carlsbad. Meaning I spent holidays and summers there.

Have ya’ll been to Carlsbad? No, not the caverns, those aren’t actually in town. Actual Carlsbad. Where are my southeastern New Mexico people? You know what I’m talkin’ about.

Yeah. Carlsbad.

So with those dull days in mind, while my mom resided in fabulous downtown Carlsbad, she sought to find ways to get OUT of Carlsbad.

One of the places she took me, one hot summer day, was a location called Sitting Bull Falls. Yes, in the middle of the desert, a glorious oasis with an 130 foot waterfall.


What got me waxing about such a wonderful (cooooool) place?

Well, first, it’s been a hard day. Bleary eyed I scanned the Las Cruces Sun News and followed *this* link.

To my surprise, I found a nice write up about Sitting Bull Falls! Nestled deep in the Lincoln National Forest, it’s a beautiful and surprising destination in the, uh, middle of no-frickin’-where.

(When you are a NM kinda person, the corner of no-frickin’-where and BFE is a party destination!).

So on this bleary, sad, hard day, I went to Sitting Bull Falls in my mind.

I remembered a really good day. A break from the oppressive heat. Natural beauty. And relaxing. It was a nice mental vacation.

I sort of doubt I’ll ever be back that way again in person…so the best I can do is go to Sitting Bull Falls in my mind.


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