It’s not okay.

You know, over the years I’ve heard many a grownup yell and throw things at the television when a commercial came on using a song that meant something to them “back in the day”.

Let’s be clear, advertisers are sluts. They’ll use any jingle, tune or icon imagery if they think it will sell.

Oh, yes, the howls over The Beatles “Revolution” being used to sell Nikes.

The Rolling Stones “Start me up” for Microsoft and “Satisfaction” for Snickers.

Carly Simon’s “Anticipation” used to sell ketchup.

And Bob Seger’s “Like a Rock” used for Chevy Trucks. To name but a few.


I always agreed and smiled mirthfully while my older friends lamented the demise of their meaningful music.

Until just a few days ago. Yes, a few days ago, I saw this commercial.

And suddenly I was yelling and throwing things at the television.

They have abducted The Fixx!

“Saved by Zero”, an iconic song (at least to ME), is now used to shill freaking Toyota cars and trucks at “amazing zero percent financing”.

It’s wrong.

I had to cleanse my senses by watching the original, sort of nonsensical video.

(YouTube says this one can’t be embedded, so here’s the link.)

Ok, I get it. I’m in that “key” 35-50 demographic where they *hope* we have jobs, responsibilities, and the wherewithal to finance a new Toyota automobile.

But come ON!

It is, for me, a loooooong leap from my New Wave cool “we’re not going to be like you” days in high school to tooling around town in a sensible Prius.

And. They. Won’t. Stop. Playing. That. Ad.

Especially during post-season baseball.


I have to wonder, in twenty years, which current modern pop songs will be used to shill products?

The one about the stripper? (Ray J’s “Sexy Can I”)?

The one about the stripper (Flo Rida’s “Low”)?

Or the one about the stripper (T-Pain’s “I’m in love with a stripper”)?

Ah well, I can rest easy knowing that in 2028, these young whippersnappers will be hollering and throwing things at the television.

“Hey you kids, get off my lawn!”

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  • Elise

    My ex was from around there; he grew up on the ranch his family owned down between Carslbad and Roswell — lived in Cruces as an adult (he was the reason I moved to NM originally) — he took me to some amazing places out in the middle of nowhere. More often than not, there’s something magical about the middle of nowhere in NM.

    And I love Cruces. In some ways, it’s a sh*thole, sure, but in some ways, it’s beyond cool. And there are no mountains I love more than the Organs. They’re so raw and ragged.

  • Becci

    Grew up in Artesia. Went to Sitting Bull Falls many times. There are so many beautiful sights around that area of New Mexico. Hopefully you’ve also been to Bottomless Lakes Park. Like you, when it has been a rough day for me in Texas I always think about my home in New Mexico.

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