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Yesterday I talked about being nice to yourself by packing a good lunch, if packing a lunch for work is the kind of thing you do.

Today I thought I’d take it a step further and talk about a guy where I work who has taken this self-care thing to a whole new level.

I’ve encountered this gentleman, an older fellow, small, slight, and very nice, several times in the hallways and break room. What’s unique about this man is that every week he brings a half gallon of ice cream to work.

Not just any sort of ice cream, but a half gallon of Baskin Robbins. The good stuff.

He brings in a variety of flavors. One week it was mint chip, another it was strawberry. There has been rocky road, plain ol’ chocolate, and a cherry concoction that looked yummy.

Every afternoon around 3:00, you’ll find him in the break room scooping out a small bowl of ice cream. He has a ceramic bowl and a real spoon and he serves up a nice treat for himself. I can tell he really enjoys it.

There is almost a ritualistic quality to this process of scooping out, consuming and later cleaning the dishes.

I gotta say, I have mad respect for the guy.

Personally, all will power goes out the door for me when in the presence of ice cream, so I couldn’t make a half gallon last all week. I’d be eating the entire container on Monday and crying my eyes out feeling fat Tuesday through Friday.

But I respect that he can limit himself to a small bowl and can *really* enjoy that bowl once a day.

There’s something so right about living that way.

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  • Anonymous


    How does he keep it from being 'liberated' by some New Mexican footpad for a whole week?

    EFM ;-)

    ps. take a look at Mary's latest blue ribbon quilt top of Mary's Quilts section in Photos.

  • Karen Fayeth

    Ephraim – I know, huh? I've definitely thought about that. I think guilt would get the better of me. Darn my strict parents and Catholic upbringing! :)

    Mary's new quilt is *stunning*! Wow, what amazing details with each panel depicting a different scene. And the border is just beautiful! Congrats to Mary on another State Fair win!! (she looks very proud in the photo, as well she should be!)

  • fruey

    Where I work health & hygiene don't allow employees keeping food in the fridge / freezer. No idea what it's for really, just chilling drinks is about all you can do with it.

    Love your anecdote, some people have lovely little rituals, bet it's a real treat for that guy. I can do similar with certain desserts, but I have to have big willpower to do it.

  • Karen Fayeth

    fruey – Yeah, I think a lot of people have that restriction.

    I had a friend who worked for a lab that did work for the FDA. They had to submit to drug testing every week.

    And so on Fridays, every employee had to go in a cup, label it with their name, and put it in a fridge in the break room. (a separate fridge from the food storage)

    But still…I can't think seeing a fridge full of cups of pee would make me think, "ah, lunch!"

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