I’ve Lost My Marbles!


There they are! In my hand!

Oooh how I love marbles. I was in a Diddams party store today and I generally revert to about ten years old when I get in that store.

Sensory overload!

It was the bin of marbles that really did me in. That’s grade school, baybee! We used to have mad marble competitions on the playground.

Damnit, I sucked at sports but I was GOOD at marbles.

I remember winning a very big and very pretty shooting marble from a bully of a boy. He was SO ticked off at me.

What did I do? I giggled, dropped the marble in my pocket, and walked away.

That’s how I roll (pun TOTALLY intended!).

Ain’t nothing better than a big bin of marbles.

Unless, of course, it’s a big bin of rubber chickens!

(All photos taken with my iPhone)

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  • Anji

    Rubber chickens!!?

    I didn't have too many marbles but my children did, they knew which were the rarest and the best , we must have had thousands of them at some point, I wonder what happened to them. I've just got one small glass yoghurt pot full of them left.

  • Karen Fayeth

    Anji – Why yes. Rubber chickens. On keychains. A whole bin of them.

    Odd, eh?

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