A Little Bit of Kindness at the Office

Last night, before going to bed, I took some extra time to prepare a batch of my delicious chicken salad.

I took care to make it a good batch, filled with perfectly grilled chicken, not too much mayo and my secret ingredients that make it, in my opinion, the best chicken salad ever.

Then, when the batch was made, taste tested and found to be perfect, I loaded it up into a container.

I packed that container along with an already packed container of soup, a bag of my favorite chips, and a bit of cough syrup into a small shopping bag.

This little bag of goodness was meant to go to work with me Monday morning.

I’m not trying to save money, although packing my lunch meets that goal.

What I AM trying to do is take good care of myself.

How many people think they *should* take their lunch to work, then pack a dried up lunch meat sandwich, a mealy apple and a bag of pretzels?

Or, even worse, they toss a Healthy Choice frozen entrée into their work bag and think that will satisfy them for the afternoon.


I approach packing my lunch with all the care a doting mother would shower upon her cherished child.

It’s like a love letter from Sunday Night Me to Monday Morning Me. A gift. A bit of home to remind me that even though I must work in a standard gray cubicle farm, I’m still an individual. I’m different.

I matter enough to have Sunday Night Me go to the effort to make something nice and not just something slapped together.

I actually look forward to my lunch today. I’m not looking for ways to get out of eating what’s in the office fridge. Nope, I can hardly wait until noon.

And I’ll eat my meal prepared with love and I will feel loved and I will know that I did a very good thing for myself.

Heck, caught up in the swell, I almost want to write myself a note to surprise me at the bottom of the lunch bag.

“Have a good day, dear. Someone at home loves you.”

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  • New Mexican

    Come on, out with the recipe so we can all enjoy the best chicken salad.

  • Karen Fayeth

    Sure! Here you go:

    Karen's Chicken Salad

    Chicken thighs
    Secret ingredients

    Grill chicken thighs. Once cooled, dice.

    Toss chicken with remaining ingredients together in a bowl.

    Place in the refrigerator. Let sit overnight to soak up the flavors.

    Serves 4


  • Alan Macfarlane

    Good post. Have you been looking in my brown bag? How do you know about my grainy apples. (Ughh, those are THE WORST).

    My favorite bring-from-home lunch is simply the leftovers of a good dinner the night before.

    But all in all, you make a good point. We all need to pack ourselves better lunches because hey – we earned it!

  • Karen Fayeth

    Alan – I know about your mealy apple because I have packed that mealy apple in my own lunch bag.

    I think "oh, I'll use this up" and then EW GROSS!

    So then I'm so ticked off I go on the hunt for something to satisfy my sweet tooth and end up eating a cookie instead of the apple.


    So I say pack the cookie, leave the apple, and enjoy the day! :)

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