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All the more funny because all my New Mexico folks know that Clines Corners is definitely NOT worth stopping for.

Unless you have to pee


you’ve been driving that vast wasteland up highway 285 from Roswell and you just HAVE to see another human being to assure yourself that other humans still exist in the world.

But other than that…..

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  • Anji

    If ever I visit New Mexico I'll know what to avoid.

  • Anji

    I just Googled Clines Corners and for some reason they think that being able to buy toy guns is worth a mention…

  • Karen Fayeth

    Anji – Actually, for someone not from the US, Clines Corners might have some kitsch value.

    It's one of those last vestiges of Route 66. It sits at the intersection of several different highways.

    They have signs like the one in the post for MILES and miles. Each of these signs posted at the mile markers for at least 50 miles all advertise how much the weary traveler should stop at Clines Corners.

    It is only really a truck stop. It has gas and a roadside restaurant but the real feature is this HUGE store full of tchotchkes. Fake rubber rattlesnakes, plastic tomahawks, cheap fake arrowheads, ashtrays, fake indian blankets, etc. You get the idea.

    It's pretty tacky.

    Oh, and when I was a kid, they advertised their special "pecan log" and made it sound like you couldn't live your life without having one of these pecan logs. I used to beg my parents but of course they weren't having any of it.

    When I was an adult, I finally stopped at Clines Corners and took at look at these overpriced scary looking pecan logs and passed.

  • Elise

    It's a really low rent Stuckey's, without the good cheeseburgers and the pretty blue roof. But can you even begin to imagine how much business they generate with those ratty old signs? It's got to be phenomenal. EXIT NOW, DAMN YOU!!!

  • Karen Fayeth

    Elise – too true. It does reinforce that repetition in advertising works.

    Especially on kids. I'm telling you, I *begged* my parents for YEARS for one of those pecan logs.

    If someone had parents of a weaker constitution than mine…..

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