Y-y-y-y-y-ou w-w-w-wanna k-k-k-know w-w-what’s e-e-e-vil?

This. This is what is evil:

That there is one each vanilla flavored iced coffee from McDonald’s.

So, you know, I’m really not a McD’s fan. I won’t eat their food. Blech!

But recently SOMEONE, who shall remain nameless (and has the initials TGM) got me hooked on McD’s sweet tea.

Damn, that stuff is good. Addictive too. Crack tea, we call it.

So this morning, in need of a “little something” to get the day started, I rolled through the drive through and decided to try an iced coffee.

I ordered a “large” thinking in Starbuck’s sizes, and was SHOCKED when they handed this bucket of liquid out the window to me. It takes two hands to keep it steady!

So as I drove to work, I began sipping away at this beast.

You can see how much I had. Less than a third of the cup and suddenly the jitters set in.

I’ll admit that I’m more sensitive than most to caffeine, but DAMN.

I had to put this into the fridge at work. If I drank the whole thing they’d have to hospitalize me!

It’s tasty, I’ll give ’em that, but not as addictive as the tea.

Fair enough, I tried the c-c-c-c-c-coffee. It should come with a prescription and a warning label!

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  • Natalie

    Here… let a professional provide you with the lowdown:
    While they use “premium” beans (Arabica), they use a bean that is not roasted as much as Starbucks. The lighter roasted beans have a slightly higher degree of caffeine (ie: it hasn’t been roasted out of it) and this is why McD’s, Circle K, gas station, you name it, lighter roasted beans have more of a caffeine kick to them.

    I just happen to like the taste of Starbucks better but if I want a kick in the kazoo… I go commando.

    I do a McD’s iced coffee… in a pinch but it tastes week to me. Plus, you have to be really specific regarding how much milk/syrup goes in otherwise it is really, really sweet.

    There you have it: the former barista’s I.N.F.O. (Dontcha just love unsolicited advice/info?)

    Still… add a little chocolate to that milk and you’ve got rocket fuel.

  • Natalie

    Um… “week” should be weak… and it’s been a long one…

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