What’s Next!?!?

Seems the New Mexico State Fair Expo New Mexico has gone and gotten a little Puritanical this year.

Sure, you can still getcher corn dogs and gaze at prizewinning rabbits.

But you *cannot* get a peep at The World’s Smallest Woman OR Angel Snake Girl.

Nope, Fair Expo management shut down those two attractions, saying “We don’t really condone that kind of thing at the fair.”

I’m sure they were concerned that your average everyday Fair Expo freaks on the Midway would feel the heat of competition. Cuz the regular ol’ normal people freaks on the Midway are where the real oddities begin…

Source: ABQjournal

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  • Natalie

    People watching and the Tilt o’ Whirl are my two favorite things about the fair. Oh, and the food. But this year there aren’t any Tom Thumb donuts… total bummer, man. However, you can still get that deep-fried Twinky (gag!), turkey leg, roasted corn, funnel cake (funnel cake!!), and all of that other rot.
    Oh, yeah, and Big Bill lowered the (raised) cost by a dollar ’cause the economy is so bad… yadda, yadda, and fair attendance is down something like 14%.
    Last year I spent 200 bucks in less than three hours.
    And there aren’t any cutting horse competitions this year.
    What is the world (fair) coming to???
    I’m going to skip it and just go to Uncle Cliffs.
    I will miss the baby goats, though.
    Next up: Balloon Fiesta!! The bane of my early morning commute existence!!

  • Anonymous

    But you can still gawk at the beauty queens!!!

    No freak show but let’s keep the degrading beauty contest! Oh yes!

  • Karen Fayeth

    Oh Nat, lemmee tell you, I have volumes of freaky stories from the Fair.

    I’m hearing a lot of folks saying that the fair just ain’t right this year. Makes me sad. Things change, and not always for the best.

    And Anon…THAT is funny!

    Ya’ll have some fry bread for me, ok?

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