New Mexico! Saaaalute!

Guess who hit the big time?

Our Fair New Mexico, that’s who.

It’s a sure sign we’re mooooving on up when New Mexico gets name checked in a list of “America’s Favorite Cities” published by Travel & Leisure magazine.

So what’d category did we get?

Most good looking?

Nope. Miami.

Okay, okay…fair enough. Best City for a Wild Weekend?

Oh hell no. Las Vegas (the OTHER one) and New Orleans got that.

Friendly? Surely we’re ALL OVER this category?

No. Charleston.


No. Seattle.

Oh COME ON! What’d we win!?!?!

“…peace and quiet is easiest found in Santa Fe, New Mexico…”

Oh. Well, okay. At *least* we got a mention.

“…Santa Fe, New Mexico, which also came in last in all nightlife categories.”

Oh my. Well ok.

They CLEARLY have not been to The Bull Ring when the legislature is in session! That’s all I’m going to say about THAT!





Quiet is good…right?


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