What are ya doin’ New Year’s Eve?

Does anyone have any good ideas? I’ve been crazy into the holiday spirit but have to say I’m a bit worn down.

I’d be happy to stay at home and watch the ball drop in Times Square, but I’m getting the vibe The Cute Boy™ wants to do something more substantial, but not so substantial as to need a black tie.

I’m iffy. The more I’m away from work the more I’m starting to feel like myself. We’ve had quite the full social calendar all this month and I’m pooped. Here’s one of those “opposites attract” aspects of The Cute Boy™ and me. Me being born under the sign of Taurus, I am happy to enjoy a few evenings at home. When not working my tookus off at work, staying at home, reading a book, all of that works fine with some occasional social dates peppered in to keep it fun.

The Cute Boy™ on the other hand, likes to run (Gemini that he is). He’s got a lot more friends than I do and likes to make sure each get some time in any given month. He’s happiest with a calendar packed full of events.

It’s a push-pull dynamic that we usually seem to manage, actually. But right now, I’m getting a bit of my stubborn Taurus the Bull up. I hate to admit it, but I’m burned out from work. Burned out on people. Just teetering on the edge of full flame out and that scares me. The more I get a chance to catch up on my sleep, the more I realize how near the edge I was.

I don’t wanna do nuttin’!

That being said…I guess if we can come up with a good idea that is going out but not TOO out…I’m up for it.

And that’s what they call compromise. From what I’ve heard, it’s what keeps a relationship going…….

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  • Natalie

    We are staying home because, well, babysitters are at a premium on NY’s eve AND I don’t really like this holiday. I associate it with the 4th of July what with all those damned guns going off. When I lived here in 1987, I was home, drinkin’ and partyin’ with friends, and suddenly it sounded like a bomb went off and there was a slight puff of smoke coming out of the carpet in the middle of the living room. I looked up and there was a very tiny hole in the ceiling. I went up on the roof and there was a crater-sized hole… turns out it was a bullet and I’ve never forgotten how that scared the bejeezus out of me. Weird how it was so loud but so tiny in the room….
    Anyway, I think, and this is just my danged opinion, that you and the Cute Boy® could (I hate the word “should”) do the black tie thang on the eve and do nuthin’ on the day. There’s the compromise and you might even have fun! Sometimes, you ol’ Taureans need a little push to get out and enjoy yourselves. :)

  • Karen Fayeth

    I know, I know…we’re a skosh too steadfast.

    My uncle (a retired bus driver) calls NYE “amateur’s night out” which is both true and makes me laugh.

    We’ll figure something out…..

    About using real ammo as a NYE noisemaker. Yeah. One of the things I don’t miss about Oh Fair NM. :)

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