SFGate’s Word of the Year

Every year the San Franciso Chron’s online presence hosts a nomination and then voting for the word of the year. It’s usually a pop culture reference and this year is no exception.

Here were the nominees:

Carbon footprint — The idea of calculating and then reducing or offsetting the emissions you generate has been taking off as fast as Al Gore’s second career.

Subprime — The practice of making home loans easily available to buyers who do not qualify for the best interest rates has come back to bite borrowers, lenders and the U.S. economy alike.

Surge — Proposed by Sen. John McCain, approved by President Bush, implemented by General David Petraeus, the policy of sending more troops to Iraq is either major success or ensuring an interminable war, depending on whom you believe.

Waterboarding — It’s been an interrogation technique for six centuries. Attorney General Michael Mukasey, if it’s a crossword clue, can you think of a seven-letter word that starts with a T?

Wide Stance — Sen. Larry Craig’s famous statement to police has turned this into a synonym for both a closeted, conservative gay man and a ridiculous explanation.

I don’t use any of them in normal conversation, actually. Maybe I’m tragically unhip. That has been rumored.

The winner by some 40% of the vote was Subprime. Uh…w00t!?

Gad, I’m tired of the word subprime. Maybe making it word of the year makes it go away?


Onward to 2008.

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