Well I’ll Be Darned

Over the many years of our association, The Good Man and I have run into quite a few “well I’ll be darned” moments. New York boy and New Mexico girl are sometimes worlds apart in our life experiences.

The latest came around when we moved into our new apartment home. I’ve lived in huge apartment complexes, six unit buildings, and the last place I lived was a duplex.

And at each of those places, they way you got rid of your trash was to schlep it downstairs to the big metal trash bins in the parking lot.

But our new place has a curiosity….a trash chute! This blows my tiny little mind. I’ve never even seen one much less lived somewhere with one.

This is the coolest thing EVER.

So beautifully unobtrusive

Ok, that hole is a little scary, but rather effective

It’s a pretty, shiny bit of steel. Open the convenient door, drop in my trash, close the door, dust off my hands and whistle a happy tune.

It’s just down the hall and around a corner from my place. I can even slip out there in the morning in my nightgown and bare feet. Fabulous!

The other day, The Good Man put some boxes down the chute and said he was pretty sure they were stuck. I suggested he send a bowling ball down after it. He wasn’t amused.

See, he’s used to the Super getting really mad when the trash chute gets blocked. Me, I don’t know from a Super or a trash chute, so I have the luxury of just being a wise ass.

So The Good Man is all “yeah, whatever” and I’m all “whooooooo!” about this feature of our home.
Next time, on Intercontinental relations, we’ll discuss “Why are the traffic lights in New Mexico horizontal, that’s just weird” (him) counterbalanced against “Why doesn’t California use mile markers? No wonder you people drive like crap.” (me)

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  • Avelino

    One of my faves: Mussouri girl to me–“Why are you waving to all those other drivers?”

    Because that’s how we roll in New Mexico.

  • Beth

    Trash chutes, I’d forgotten all about those! I grew up in the suburbs of Northern Virginia, with the trash cans out back (and when I was really young, the “garbage men” would come back and get them and take them to the trash truck; now people have to put them out by the curb). When I visited my grandparents in their apartment in the Bronx, they had a trash chute and just like you now, I thought that was the coolest thing. Thanks for bringing back a long forgotten memory.

    • Karen Fayeth

      Beth – Happy to shove you into the Wayback Machine! Hope you made it back ok.

      So glad both you and Avelino totally understand my geekdom over a trash chute. It’s good to have partners in weirdness!! LOLOLOL!

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