Unexcused Absence

And I don’t even have a note from my mom.

Missed blogging yesterday as I had that last day before vacation thing going at work.

Run, run, run.

But I got it all wrapped up and three glorious days of vacation await.

After work, I rewarded myself (and The Good Man) with a San Francisco Giants baseball game.

And they won, thank you very much.

For those who don’t Tweet, I posted this last night.

I call it:

Pre-Game Still Life. With My Beer.

Image: Copyright 2011, Karen Fayeth. Subject to the Creative Commons license in the right hand column of this and every page. Photo taken with an iPhone 4 using the Instagram app.

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  • Ur Bro

    When i first glanced at that i thought it was th back of a green low rider, with chrome exhaust pipe….. Crazy huh?

    • Karen Fayeth

      Big Bro – Um. Ok. Maybe you need another beer to change your point of view?

      Great art is always misunderstood. *schnort!*

  • Alan

    Karen, I was at that game! The only Giants game I’ve ever been to in my life. If I had known, I would have said hello and bought you and the Good Man a beer and a dog.

    Bummer. Bummer, bummer, bummer!

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