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You know what it’s like, careening down a country road.

Driving faster than your headlights, as your driving instructor (Mr. McGinnis if you are an Albuquerque kid) might say.

And you see those two little glistening black eyes under two long ears, nose twitching by the side of the road.

That goddamn jackrabbit is making a decision. Here comes two tons of steel traveling just north of 90 mph.

Do I leap or do I stay still?

Stay still and stay safe. You know this side of the road, you don’t get to see anything new, no challenges.

Leap fast enough and you make it to the other side, a whole new world awaits. Fresh experiences, more room to grow.

Leap not quite fast enough and you are a hood ornament.

What do you do?

Don’t ask me, I’m just another conejo by the side of the road blinking into the approaching highbeams.

This morning I met a man outside of my manager’s office. He’s from the company that just bought my employer. He’s the counterpart to my boss. Odds are good he’ll be my next boss.

Later I walked down to the area where all the high level managers sit. My boss and four other directors are jam packed into a senior director’s office. A sudden impromptu meeting.

What the *hell* is going on?

Do I still have a job?

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    Always upbeat, always on-point, always embrace new ideas and management.



    or quit

    reasoned disagreement is only welcome after trust is established – prior it just looks like resistance to change.


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    And always keep the resume fresh and have a Plan B

    My old boss once said “If you haven’t put your resume out there, you don’t know what you are worth.”

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