This Is Why I Went to College

So I can have a good job and a nice hard walled office.

So I can listen to my Pandora radio in my iPhone.

So I can tune it to the “60’s, 70’s, and 80’s hits” station.

Where I can hear Aerosmith’s “Dream On”, first released in 1973, and again in 1976, right in the prime of my formative years.

So that I can sit in my hard walled office and sing along.


With Steven Tyler.

“Dream ooooowwwnnn, dream oooowwwwwn, dream until your dreams come true!”

And especially this part:

“…sing with meh/sing for the yeaaahar/sing for the laughter, sing for the tear/sing with me, if it’s just for today/Maybe tomorrow, the good Lord will take you away”

And then there is that howl part on the word “away”… Yeah.

In my mind I think I can hit those same notes that Mr.Tyler could hit some 40 years ago.

Then the employee seated in the cubicle just outside my office prairie dogs up over his wall to give me a crooked eyebrow.

And I think “ffft! He was born in 1983, he doesn’t understand.”

So I go on singing. In my office. With my Pandora.

Thank you NMSU, that I may have this job with a Fortune 500 company, this office, and the ability to torture my employees on a Friday morning.

I never get tired of recycling this image.

Image is of Latvian mezzo-soprano Elina Garanca and a pretty extensive web search could not net me the attribution on this photo. I found photos from that same event on the European Commission page which allows for the use of photos with attribution.

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  • Ur Bro

    Wow must be nice. In my company you have to be a VP to get an office with walls. We don’t even get cubes, just a desk with a short partition. Even up to the director level. We don’t even need to stand to prarie dog.

    Are you a Veep?

  • Lucky

    Aw, yeah! I don’t have employees, but I have students (and an “office” with walls). And a big projection screen in my classroom.

    When they behave, they pick the end of class music video. When they don’t behave, I pick. You haven’t seen misery until a room full of 7th graders have to watch George Michael dance around in miniscule shorts, accompanied by me belting out “Wake me up, before you go go!!!”

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