They call it stormy Monday…

…but Tuesday’s just as bad.

Or in this case, Monday was a sun soaked cakewalk.

And Tuesday’s a cold, rainy, work crazy, traffic jammed day.

In true proof of the Butterfly Effect, earlier today a BMW cut off a woman in a van, who lost control on rain slick streets, then careened into a tanker truck hauling gasoline causing it to overturn and spilling mass quantities of petrol onto Highway 101.

Thus shutting it down completely.

From the article in SFGate: “‘They don’t want the freeway to blow up under cars driving by,’ said California Highway Patrol Sgt. Paul McCarthy.”

Ah…yeah. That’d be great.

And with this one small act, an impatient driver of a luxury car has jammed up traffic for the entire Bay Area. The drive home on 280 (the “detour”) was really so much fun. Me, my iPod and singing at the top of my lungs. Good times.

…the rest of the song goes….”Wednesday’s worse…and Thursday’s also sad……”

Tis gonna be a long week, methinks.

(with all apologies to T-Bone Walker and his fine blues song)

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