It seems like a really bad idea…

Found myself bored and channel surfing this evening and happened upon a new reality show entitled “Gone Country“. It’s hosted by one of my fave musicians, John Rich (the Big & Rich song “Big Time” never fails to make me sing along both loudly and badly).

It stars the likes of Bobby Brown, Sisqo,Dee Snyder, Maureen McCormick and Carnie Wilson. The website calls the mix “eclectic”. Unh huh.

Their challenge? To sing country music. And the one who ultimately wins will have a country record produced by Rich.


What B and C list celebs won’t do for a little money.

It was painful to watch. I couldn’t get through the entire episode.

And somehow, I know that country music is going to be mercilessly made fun of.

I just….can’t watch this.

And tonight I light several dozen candles and say a novena for the writer’s strike to end and actual thoughtful, artistic shows to return to television.

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