I’m so gonna be there in just one more day. Wow! Mind. Boggling.

Amazing, stunning, profound long exposure night photo of Singapore by Martin Stavars and found on Behance.

Used under an attribution Creative Commons license.

Thanks to @Photojojo on Twitter for the tip on the link.

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  • Mrsupole

    I am so happy for you to be going there. It has to be an amazing place to visit. I have seen people on HGTV hunting for apartments there and with my fear of heights I am not sure how well I would do.

    But I am also thinking that this weeks “Image” for Theme Thursday will be a good one for you because you will be having more images in a few hours than most of us have in a week. I cannot wait to see what pictures you post, they will be totally awesome. So jealous in a way, but so not jealous in another way.

    God bless.

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