The times, they are a changin’….

Just read in the ABQjournal today that the ancient and well established (though closed for some time now) Ice House strip club in downtown ABQ is getting repurposed.

As a teen oriented arts and entertainment center.

The irony isn’t lost on me.

Thanks, Oh Fair New Mexico, for the mirthful smile this morning.

It is a fine use for that old place, IMHO.

Remember the scandal it caused when the Ice House first opened? Back then we would have never guessed the demise….

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  • Anonymous

    Someone who will remain nameless working with the functionally schizophrenic had a sharp little bubble pop in their head one day.

    They got with the manufacturer of a popular bluetooth device, and got a bazillion empty shells *donated* to the clinic.

    Now happily equipped with camouflage, the functionally crazy can wander the streets waving their arms and having energetic conversations and people don’t mind.


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