Back in my day

You know, back in my day, if a person were to have occasion to be walking down the street, holding an entire conversation with only themselves, we’d call them nutty, cross the street to get away from them and cover our children’s eyes.

These days? No, it’s commonplace. We just figure it’s all normal.

I went downstairs this afternoon to the snack shop in my building for a cup of frozen yogurt. When I walked in the small shop, the oddball guy working there was deep in the middle of a conversation. By himself.

He was speaking, answering, getting a little lively in the discourse.

I naturally assumed he was on the Bluetooth headset for his cell phone.

So I went about the dispensation of some boysenberry no-fat fro-yo. When I went to pay, the young man was still chatting away, waving arms.

He saw me and was like, “oh hi, that will be two dollars.”

He wasn’t on the phone.

Nope. He’s just a good old-fashioned slice of crazy in a brown apron.

Hiding in plain sight.

Questionably sane people can’t even get noticed in this town anymore!

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  • Lucky

    Hey, I think that’s great.

    He did his job, he took your money. So, he has a small habit of talking to himself. If it doesn’t interfere with his duties. . .

    Maybe the rest of us are just too dull.

  • Karen Fayeth

    You know, you make a really great point….

  • Anonymous

    I used to take “beenie Weenies Waikiki to the potlucks when I was working. I’ll give you the recipe but you have to keep it a secret. A can of Bush Baked beans spread out on a pan add 2-3 cans of bennie weenies sprinkle some brown sugar on top top it with pineapple rings put in the oven at medium for an hour. Walaaaaa. They will either love em or send you to the company’s Siberia.

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