That Bites

This is a photo of a regular ol’ highway overpass. This particular overpass happens to be in the vicinity of San Pablo Dam road which is in Richmond, California and is, give or take, twenty miles north and east of San Francisco on Highway 80.

Highway 80 being sort of a main thoroughfare from the East Bay and points farther north and east, such as Sacramento, where I was today for a work meeting. And then drove back home to the Bay Area this afternoon.

In this photo, if your eyes travel along that line to the head of the red arrow, you’ll see what looks like a bite has been taken from the underside of the bridge.

Check it.

That is not normal wear and tear. That is where a big rig hauling a crane violated the laws of both geometry and physics and perhaps California.

The Good Man texted me about this little snafooie at ten o’clock this morning.

By four o’clock this afternoon, traffic was still snarled and I sat there for an hour watching the needle on my gas tank drop. At four dollars a gallon, that burning fuel took a nice bite out of my pocketbook.

All due to that damn bite taken from the bridge. And of course the resulting scattered debris on the other side of the overpass.

This after my spectacular morning when I dropped my iPhone and cracked the screen.

Take all of this and add it together and you have my Wednesday. Which simply bites.


May Thursday treat me less like gum on the bottom of its shoe.

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Image copyright 2012, Karen Fayeth, and subject to the Creative Commons in the right column of this page. Taken with an iPhone4s with a cracked screen and the Camera+ app from a (slowly) moving automobile.

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  • Scott

    This, from Horoscope lady. I checked your reading and it said nothing of the kind, but mine made it sound universal. End this day, quick, while we all are still here!!! Oh, and I spent most of Monday’s commute in a similar kerfuffle, for what it’s worth.

    “Before Saturn and Mars leave Libra within a matter of weeks, they have one tough day to bring us all. It will come on August 15, one of the hardest days of this month. Mars will conjoin Saturn, a day when you may realize you need to do something to fix a situation (or to satisfy an obligation), but not know exactly how to go about finding the way to do it. You seem in a sober, grim mood and willing to do whatever you have to do to get on with life, and actually, that’s a good way to approach this aspect. Everyone, of every sign, will notice this aspect, so it’s not the day to schedule any important meetings. One last note: August 15 is a day to watch your health, as Saturn (bones, teeth) conjunct Mars (force, falls) can bring injury. Take sensible precautions and you will be fine.”

    Define “fine,” bitch! :)

    • Karen Fayeth

      Or, as I heard the legendary Rosanne Cash say in concert to her husband who was having all manner of technical issues “it appears your moon is in feces”

      Yeah. Cheers!

  • Anji

    Perhaps they got hungry. this worries me like I worry about how someone hangs from the bridge in the dead of night to paint slogans on the side of the bridge.

    As for the IPhone screen, my husbands physiotherapist has a cracked screen which produces amazing pics of his patients working out

    • Karen Fayeth

      Anji – I also have to wonder about some of the places where you find graffiti. It’s always a game in my mind “how DID they do that?”

  • Frank Conway

    That’s a better picture than any the Mercury News had. It tells the story. When I clicked through theirs I thought I was looking at pictures of Occupy San Jose.

    As a truck driver I can tell you that they intentionally build overpasses too low as a way to get money out of us. They’ll make one 14 feet high and charge the government for 17. Everything’s so corrupt nowadays. We get all the blame.

    • Karen Fayeth

      Frank – I didn’t know that…interesting.

      From the Merc article there is some question as to whether the trucking company had all the right licenses anyway (more money for Cali, ugh!).

      I’m sure no one in that truck wanted to wham the overpass. That made for a no good, very bad day for everyone.

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