Yes, planning session. Must have.

Approach. Direction. Map out the route. Implement. Execute.

Yup. Vital.


What’s that? Work? No, no, I’m not talking about work.

Food. At the baseball game. Tonight. Yup. The Good Man and I are currently engaged in a lengthy instant message conversation planning this out.

What needs to be consumed. Where it’s located. How to obtain efficiently.


BTW, I learned this blitz strategy from my Mom. Attending the NM State Fair.

“Ok, we start out in the Spanish Village for a burrito…then across the way to the Native American Village for fry bread and honey…Mom needs a corndog…Karen wants funnel cake…”

You know the drill.

Hey, I learned from the best.

Dreaming of a Cha-Cha bowl now (bless you Orlando Cepeda!)…

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  • Anonymous

    You have to come and see the Topes at their stadium. A must see.

  • Karen Fayeth

    YES! I really want to. I was a big Dukes fan back in the day and LOVE me some minor league ball.

    Thanks anon….I’ll have to plan that soon.

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