Don’t let the door hitcha on the way out

So Friday May 29, 2009 is the end of another era in the history of The Tonight Show.

Jay Leno breathes his last as host.

And to that I have to say…it’s about damn time.

I’ve not ever really been a fan of Leno and really wasn’t into it when he took over the show. But against my own negative opinion, he’s done his schtick and done it successfully for the past sixteen years.

But in my mind, he’ll never be the king of late night that Carson was.

And I wonder if his departure will be anywhere near as classy?

Remember Bette Midler’s appearance on the second to last Carson show? Memorable. She made Carson cry…I was watching that night.

In case you don’t remember or are too young, YouTube is there to pick us up.

Unsure that Conan will do much to fill the shoes of Carson, or even Leno.

Hard to watch. So I won’t.

Ah well, watching that vid brought back some happy memories. Ah the magic of YouTube.

If you are a GenX’er and REALLY want to sashay down memory lane, try out this one…link love to NewMexiKen for this voyage in the wayback machine.

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  • Natalie

    Oh… You know…

    I was watching that and got tears in my eyes. What a great send-up, out, whatever. I, too, watched that night and seeing it today reminded me of days gone past…

    Since Johnny left, I became a Dave kind of gal. I usually only watch his monologue and the little bits just after that. I’m totally, totally hooked on Dave’s “Great Moments in Presidential Speeches” in which he shows one or two snippets from great presidential speeches and then… shows Bush. It cracks me up. Every. Single. Time.

    Otherwise… I surf.

    Man, those were the days… (of dollah-fiffy gas, up your nose with a rubber hose, Frampton [Comes Alive], The Eagles, cruisin’ to the beach, surfin’ on a Sunday mornin’ and following it up with pancakes or fish tacos… depended on the mood… and so much more!)

    Thanks for the memories…

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