Something to look forward to

I believe in life it’s always important to have something you are looking forward to. Something that helps get your heinie out of bed in the morning so you can slog through another day.

A reason to prevail.

It can be just about anything. Heck, some folks are looking to the weekend. Others to seeing their kids at the end of the day. Everyday stuff is good, no doubt, but I’m talking the big stuff. The “ohmygoshIcanhardlywait” kind of stuff.

For me this year, it was about the wedding. Yeah, that was a doozy. A real big something to look forward to, and man did it deliver.

I remember walking on the beach with my fresh-out-of-the-package husband on the evening after our morning wedding, and I said to him “you know, we need to find something new to look forward to.”

He told me to shush up and enjoy our wedding day, and I did. Soon enough, though, he was saying it too, “we need a new something to look forward to.”

Well, we got one. Yup. Two weeks. Hawaii.

Bam! (said with all the Emeril flair I can muster)

I have never been and it’s almost like a fairy tale to this New Mexico kid to even think about going.

Sure, yeah, economic crisis, yipes, and all of that. But hey, I’m doing MY part for the economy.

The weather in the Bay Area is starting to turn decidedly frosty. The usually standoffish Feline has taken to cuddling *right* on up with her heat-producing humans. Blankets have come out of closets.

And in just two weeks, I’ll be where it’s 80 degrees and in an island state of mind.

Oh. Yeah.

And I’ll come back just in time to start my new job at a new company.

All that added up…not a terrible “something to look forward to.”

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