Some People Enjoy Easter a Little More Than Others

However you choose to entertain the Easter Bunny, may you have a fabulous egg huntin’ kind of day.

Vintage postcard image from the Wackystuff Flickr photostream. It’s chock full of awesome images.

Literal translation from Estonian: “Happy Resurrection Holiday” or…Happy Easter

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  • Patrick Strei

    I dunno, never liked Easter once the bunny stopped coming. Just another Sunday. Had to go to church and finish up homework for Monday.

    • Karen Fayeth

      Yeah, other than biting the ears off a dark chocolate bunny, I don’t celebrate Easter much either.

  • Ephraim F. Moya



    Remember this ?

    This is my memory of church. All dressed up singing Easter songs.

    Then go home, eat some easter eggs. My dad drank beer.

    El Viejo

    p.s. Tip a Corona for me.

    • Karen Fayeth

      Ephraim – My mom tends to prefer to belt out “Jesus Christ is ris’n today, haaalelujah” – -THe in excelus deo really got her going.

      Thanks for the easter tunes.

      Eggs and beer? That’s a storm raging inside of you for sure! lol!

  • Ephraim F. Moya


    I meant to post this !

    Happy easter,
    El Viejo

  • Ephraim F. Moya


    No, I don’t know any of those beautiful kids.

    No wonder I like coming back to your site. You should have seen me composing my comment. I went to youtube looking for Easter songs in Spanish. There are very few. But just listening to all those beautiful hymns, even in English, stimulated so many memories that I started crying. I spent the next hour listening to Easter music and just letting my memories wash over me.

    For instance, when I and my friend Ray were engineering students in our senior year after class hours at UNM we would drive to Michael’s bar on Menaul. There we would have a beer and a boiled egg while we did our homework at one of Michael’s booths. Michael had set up our booth with extra lights so we could see better. So, for a buck each we got to eat lunch, do our homework and participate in the ambiance of Michael’s bar.

    Hog heaven!

    El Viejo Llorón

  • Frank Conway

    I was making a delivery at a big retail store on Good Friday and the store manager asked me if I knew why the Easter Bunny hides his eggs? I said “No.” (I really didn’t.) He said it’s so know one knows he’s been messing around with a chicken.

    I laughed, drove away, and in my rear view mirror saw him standing there, with a big smile on his face, in the middle of the busy intersection of Christianity, Paganism and Capitalism.

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