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So in a bout of middle of the night insomnia, I started exploring the Wackystuff Flickr photo stream further (see Easter image from yesterday).

I went through every page, every image and found some great stuff.

Lo and behold, among the whack, I found this, a mid-century linen postcard:

Weirdly enough, the image to the left on that postcard? I know it’s supposed to be Taos pueblo, but for some reason it looks like the old Albuquerque Airport to me. Maybe the with the plane over head that is what it’s supposed to be?

Dunno. Just know that this card is not, as they would say, politically correct.

I love one commenter on the photo said: “All these things really say to me: ‘Stay the Hell Outta Here! We are frickin’ crazy.'”

That’s right. That’s absolutely right.

We are.

My Fair New Mexico, how misrepresented you are. And how I love you so.

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  • Mom

    I thought it was the airport too. Have you seen a sheet with words to “In the Land of the Old AEC” in my scrapbook from the 50’s. It’s fun.

    • Karen Fayeth

      Queen Mum – Hmm, no. I’ll have to take a look……

      Glad you thought it was the airport too. Either my memory is good or our memories are bad together! :)

  • Anji

    The past is a foreign country – as they say…

  • Ephraim F. Moya


    I remember seeing that card (or a clone) on drug store racks recently.

    I always thought it was the Santa Fe Palace of the Governors.

    I agree with: “All these things really say to me: ‘Stay the Hell Outta Here! We are frickin’ crazy.’” but not for the reason implied, just in general. Any reason to keep other people from coming here is bueno. They use up our water.

    El Viejo Nuevo Mexicano
    Que viva Tijerina!

    • Karen Fayeth

      Viejo – Oh I agree. I want people to think NM is crazy.

      “Move along….nothing to see here….I hear Arizona is nice this time of year….move along….”

      More sopaipillas for you and me!

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