Seeing myself in a new way

You know, looking at a photograph of myself is always an interesting and somewhat humbling experience.

In a photo, I never quite look the way that I imagine I look.

Where did those lines around the eyes come from? Do my hips really look like that?

Ah well.

The other day, I received an interesting photograph that surely has me pondering some things.

Here, I’ll share the photo with you, my fabulous readers, so you can see what I’m talking about.

It is a fun photo of me driving! Isn’t that neat! A perspective one doesn’t often get.

Look at me…intense expression on my face. Hands firmly at ten and two. Or maybe more like eleven and one, but no matter.

That’s a concentrated and skillful driver, no?

Yup, that photo was kindly mailed to me by the Superior Court of the county where I live.

Wasn’t that sweet?

It appears they are of the belief that I didn’t stop fully before making a right turn at a red light into a very busy intersection.

And so for the luxury of a faboo photo of me behind the wheel, I was charged $500.

I’m *ever* so pleased about that. Tickled pink. And other euphemisms I can’t think of right now to sarcastically convey that I’m not very pleased AT ALL!

Next step: onward to driving school. Yay me.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate red light cameras? Oh I really hate them.

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  • L

    I once got a ticket from a red light camera in Albuquerque (Montgomery and Wyoming!) but I contested it, and when I went in to appear before the traffic people (it wasn't court for some reason…) they said that all the data from that particular day had been lost, and I didn't have to pay.
    New Orleans has red light cameras too, but they are talking about suspending their use.
    I HATE them too!

  • Karen Fayeth

    Wow, that's a good ending to your red light trouble.

    For me, as part of the ticket, I also was sent a link to view the video. So I know they have all the details…sadly.

    And I viewed the video. What happened is that as I approached, I tapped the brake, then the car next to me went. I thought since traffic was moving that it had turned green, so I went too.

    They'd only have to show the video for the judge to say "and you are here why?"


  • Lucky

    $500! That seems excessive. Seems like you could run someone over and incur a lesser fine in some municipalities.

  • New Mexican

    Pay the $500.00 and stay out of jail. You were nabbed red handed. My last ticket was at a dirt road intersection where the terrain is totally flat and I can see for miles, I went past the stop sigh. The cop was behind a pile of old road mix on the side. I saw the sign, but no signs of human life to miles. Guess this is a guaranteed ticket area if he needs to fill his quota.

  • Karen Fayeth

    Lucky – $500 does seem very excessive. I suppose it is just one of the many times I've exclaimed "you want HOW much" since moving to California.


  • Karen Fayeth

    New Mexican – Ugh! There used to be a CHP who hid really well behind some trees in a bend in the road on my morning commute. It was well camouflaged and he picked cars off left and right.

    I got so I always braked at that curve, whether he was there or not.

    And yes, I paid the tab. It hurt, but I paid it. I am going to do online traffic school one day next week.


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