Everyone is one.

This weird ass economic situation is really making people batty.

You hear about houses being sold in Detroit for $10,000.

They just announced that the jobless rate in California is a whopping 10% (just behind Michigan’s 11.6%).

Last week, three of my friends got laid off.

In a visit to my tax preparer this week, right before he delivered extraordinarily bad news, said “you get no stimulus.”

My company is about to be acquired by a European competitor.

And today one of my coworkers says to me, all bright and cheery, “I really feel like the economy is recovering!”

Your feeler might be broke, there, friend.

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  • Anonymous

    I am so far behind the curve I did not know Twitter’s mom was pregnant, much less Twitter being born and now Twitter is dead. I will check the obits on the Journal.

  • Karen Fayeth

    Dang it, Anon…you made me laugh so hard I *snorted*!

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