Been thinking about NewMexiKen’s observations on Twitter and Facebook, and the old fogeyism that may be alive and well.

The Good Man and I talk this topic over quite a bit and have vowed, together, that we are firmly anti-Facebook. Nope. Not going to do it. You can’t make me.

So there.

Although, making this decision, we also find ourselves in the minority of our friends and coworkers. My mother has a Facebook page for crimeny’s sake!

No, TGM and I stand together. Then I discussed it with my sister. She, too, is in the “no way, unh-uh” club.

We were starting to think it was just the three of us, but then TGM found some supporting evidence online…

From The Weekly Standard:

“… no matter how long I live, no matter how much pressure is exerted, no matter how socially isolated I become, I will never, ever join Facebook…”


“…collecting Facebook friends is the equivalent of being a catlady, collecting numerous Himalayans, which you have neither the time nor the inclination to feed.”

Ouch. Ok, maybe I’m not quite as adamant as Matt Labash, who goes so far as to use the term “facetards”. But still….


And then there is Twitter. Ok, I’m signed up, but I do not Tweet.

I’m hoping now that the Republicans have made Twitter and Facebook cool, they will both die the painful deaths they deserve…until the next cool internet meme comes along.

I remain,

Your Luddite blogger using email and *gasp*, my phone to stay in contact with my actual flesh and blood friends.

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  • Lucky

    I’m with you. It would just turn into a competition between my partner and me to see who could collect more friends. Since I would win, OBVIOUSLY, I’ve decided to be noble and skirt the whole issue.

    Email for staying in touch works just fine with me. Although I do have a friend who doesn’t answer emails and only communicates through pictures of her disgustingly cute family on Flickr. So you get a photo posted and a brief caption “Our new house in L.A.!” or wherever. I think that’s more annoying than Facebook.

  • Karen Fayeth

    Yes! Stand with us, Lucky! :)

    The whole Flickr post thing is sort of annoying, I get you. I think Flickr can augment a nice email or blog post, it shouldn’t be the whole message. Just my .02

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