You know, I’m cranky today. I’ve got a crappy job at a decent company and I have to deal with a lot of pink-cheese idiots all day long. It wears me out, it really does.

All the whining, the complaining, the yelling, the arm waving.

So in order to avoid work I instead surfed the ABQjournal. Nice diversion.

So I read this article and in an odd way felt better about my fate.

See, I have to deal with real a-holes every day, but my livelihood isn’t now teetering helplessly on the progress of a bunch of hungry spiky caterpillars.

“… research has shown that just a few of them can eat as much grass as a yearling cow.”


“… the caterpillars, which can grow to a couple of inches long, are lined with tiny hairs shaped like tree branches that sting.”


Folks are trying to figure out how to stop these wild stampeding things. Damn.

Ok, back to work.

(this is a “stock” photo, probably not the right critter, but enough to make me shudder and go “bwaaaahhhuggggeeerrrrgh!”)

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  • Natalie

    What? It lives here? What? Where? No way, dude. I couldn’t find the article in the Journal. Never mind; I don’t wanna know for real.
    Ignorance is truly bliss.
    I’m hatin’ my new job, too. It’s kicking my ass. It is VERY physical and tiring and those kids run circles around me. I come home sticky from syrups, frapps, and whatnot, and constantly wonder what I’m doing there. I am totally working below my “station” ’cause the benefits are so great.
    When did that become my number 1 factor for choosing a job?
    Damn I hate gettin’ old.
    Cheer up, Cheerio.
    I’m pretty sure the catepillars in Cali are friendly. At least they were when I was a kid but who knows? The could be all radioactive, n’ stuff, now.
    I’ll be in Cali next week… at the beach… Central Coast.
    Wanna come down and play?

  • Karen Fayeth

    Yes. That creepy ass thing lives near YOU. And eats as much as a COW!


    Giiirl….when are you gonna be around? I have been told there is no vacation in July and I’m working some weekends, but if I can make it work, I TOTALLY will!!!!

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