Ow! *Slap*

And here we are at Friday, the end of another week.

An unusual week on my part, but happy to see Friday nonetheless.

Much to process from my day yesterday seeing old friends, burying a dear friend and reminiscing.

But for today, I’m here to talk about a feature of our Fair New Mexico that I really, really don’t miss.


Now, where I live, I’m sure such creatures exist. It’s just that I’ve not seen ’em.

I’m ok with not seeing them. Pinche insects.

I arrived Wednesday evening at my friend’s home out in the boonies north of Las Cruces, and noticed water standing in all the pecan groves and cotton fields.

“I see everyone is irrigating,” I mention.

Nope, they tell me. Rain. Three inches arrived the day before I did.

Which leaves standing water.

Perfect habitat for *slap* mosquitos.

I sat for maybe eight minutes outside at a table with a citronella candle on it. My arms. Fine. My ankles? Ten bites on the left, eight on the right.

Mosquitos in the house, too!

As I slept, I got zapped on the earlobe. The earlobe! The one place I forgot to apply repellent.


And I won’t mention a spot rather close to an unmentionable place where I was also ruthlessly attacked. Twice!

Hate ’em. Always hated them. Sure, I grew up with bug bites up and down my legs, and it was a fact of life. But living without them sure has been pretty durn nice.

I don’t miss them. At all.

I’m not usually a fan of chemicals in the air, but even I cheered when the neighbors called the city to have the spraying truck come out. It helped, but didn’t eliminate all the little buggars.

*scratch* This Benedryl lotion I’m using isn’t helping one bit.

In other, happier, news I’ve been experimenting with night photography because the light noise at my friend’s place is minimal. You can see the ding dang milky way out here!

If I get anything decent, I’ll gladly share the results here.

As for now, onward to the weekend.

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  • Lucky

    Come to the high desert! In two years here, around Albuquerque/Rio Rancho, I have yet to acquire a single bite.

    Maybe I just don't taste all that good. . .

  • Natalie

    I live in ABQ, westside, and saw a bunch out last night. However, they don't like me. Wrong PH, or something. Southern NM has received lots of rain this year.
    Try rubbing alcohol. It helps…

  • Karen Fayeth

    Lucky – Yeah, I figured I ended up with a final total of thirty bites (yes I said thirty) because I'm so gosh darn sweet!

    Truly, though, I can't understand why I was so brutally attacked and the rest of the family I was staying with got only one or two.

  • Karen Fayeth

    Nat – I had a HUGE histamine reaction all my bites and ended up going with a hydrocortisone topical. That was the only thing that would help.

    I'm back in the Bay Area now and glad that I no longer smell of Deep Woods Off. I'm sure my neighbors on the airplane were loving my outdoorsy smell.

  • JamieDedes

    Yuk! Don't particularly appreciate those little things either.

    Peer award for you: Outstanding Blogger here –

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