Ain’t No Poetry Like Bad Poetry

So I hit up the idea generator today.

And it suggested I write a limerick.

A limerick?



Couldn’t I just take a stab at Haiku?

In fact, here’s a Haiku I wrote during a painful interleague game between the San Francisco Giants and the Oakland A’s earlier this season:

Jack Cust at the plate
Hits ball three for three today
SF fans Cust too

See? I can do Haiku! Can’t I just try another like that?

No, the prompt said limerick.

I remember in grade school we had to write limericks for an English assignment. I didn’t like it then either.

Not even writing the naughty limericks.




Here’s my attempt:

There once was a girl from the ‘Burque
People found her to be quite quirky
     To California she fled
     No green chile she did dread
Homemade chile rellenos keep her quite perky

Or how about:

There once was a singer named Buck
His songs make a nice rattle in my truck
     From Bakersfield he hailed
     “Tiger By The Tail” he wailed
That acoustic guitar he sure could pluck

(Betcha thought I was gonna get naughty on that one, huh? It was very difficult to restrain myself.)

All right, I’m on a roll now

From a bag of pinto beans I did remove
A handful of rocks and a piece of dry bean root
     Soak ’em I did
     Rinsed, boiled and added a lid
Because if not cooked right, dem beans will make you toot

Ok, ok….I’m done.

Somebody stop me before I try to rhyme Nantucket.

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  • Anonymous


    A blogger I know gets real antsy
    Uptight, with a bunching of panty
    Cause she knows she won't find
    In her beautiful mind
    A subject she'd think of as candy.


  • Karen Fayeth

    Ephraim – Well Done!!

  • cardiogirl

    Hey! Found you at EYB; I love this idea generator, nice tip.

    Since I'm not feeling creative, I'll recycle a limerick I wrote on my blog long ago:

    I sweat in droves at the gym
    My only goal — to be thin
    Will I beat Muriel*
    If I do, I might yell
    “Old lady I fin’lly win!”

    There's a 70-something lady at the Y who uses the elliptical for an hour. Not kidding. One day I will beat her @ss.

  • Karen Fayeth

    cardiogirl – Love it!

    You keep that 70 year old on the run!! :)

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