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First of all, to all the good folks, including both mom and mom-in-law, who are concerned about the posts related to my troubles at work, thank you for being concerned. This week has turned out a bit better.

Also, I got paid today, and that always helps improve the outlook.

I imagine I’ll survive this. Or I won’t. Either way, the sun will come up again tomorrow and I’ll have to face another day. And I’ll have to face myself in the mirror. The way I do that is by knowing I did my best, worked my hardest and did so with humility.



Next…thanks to the gentleman driving the Explorer in the lane next to me on Wednesday morning. I was running late for work (overslept the alarm, snarf!) and I was, yes, speeding. But so were you. Thanks to your slower response time, I was able to take my foot off the gas first, you shot past me, and that nice CHP officer paid you a visit instead of me.

Whew. I have two months left on the eighteen months since my last ticket (you can only mask one traffic violation every 18 months), so you really saved me there!


Don’t know if you are experiencing the same thing where you’re at, but to me, it’s like everyone in society is moving along in a fog. Making bonehead moves on the road. Bumping into me at the grocery. Looking at me blankly when I ask a question.

So, a nod to The Good Man for best summing up society’s recent weirdness:


“We had the buildup from the campaign, then the excitement of the election, anticipation of the new president and then finally the climax of the inauguration. It’s like the whole country just needs a cigarette.”

And a salty snack.



Speaking of salty snacks…am I going to be the only person in the US not watching the Superbowl this weekend?

Because, really, Pittsburgh vs Arizona?

Sure, I know that AZ is the Cinderella story. Whatever. I could care less.

And Pittsburgh. Do we really need to see them win again?

I might whip up a batch of salty snacks, however, and watch Season 2 of The Muppet Show. I found it at the library and it’s providing much singing along and childish giggles from TGM and me.

Best thing to watch after a rough day at work, I’ll tell you THAT.


Or maybe I should just have a cheese sandwich.

Been watching cheese sandwich-gate in the ABQjournal with interest. Oh Fair New Mexico, you still do scandal in a fun way.

Love it. And from what I’m reading, the press coverage has brought in quite a bit of the delinquent money! Nice.


Lastly, the weather is messin’ with my head. Sunny and 70’s. Rainy and cold. Then just clear and cold. And today, back to the 70’s.

Mother Nature, you are FREAKING me out, maaahn.

But I’m not complaining about the sun. I’ll take it.

That is all.

Happy Weekend!

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  • Anonymous

    The only time I’ve ever watched the Super Bowl was the year I worked on a Super Bowl ad.

    Football. Who cares?

    And what’s all this about a scandal? I can’t be bothered to read the ABQ Journal online — all those hoops they expect us to jump thru for SO LITTLE RETURN — but I’ll admit am intrigued by the cheese sandwich angle.


  • Karen Fayeth

    It’s an APS issue. When kids (or their parents) are delinquent in payment on school lunches, those kids get cold cheese sandwiches until their bill is settled.

    This hit the press and people are wacking out. I say, ok. The child is still being fed. Not the most robust meal, but they are not sitting in class being hungry.

    It’s just…the way the ABQjournal presents it. Oh the tragedy of the cheese sammy!!! OH!!! THE DRAMA!

  • Lucky

    I think the gist of the cheese sandwich issue is the possibility of being stigmatized. If a child is served a cheese sandwich, then everyone knows those parents are deadbeats – which to me is kind of a bonus. You COULD afford to pay your bill (as opposed to those who get free lunch), you just choose not to.

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