Manny being Manny

Got lost in the MJ kerfuffle, but…a repost from NewMexiKen.

“Manny Ramirez’s assignment with the Albuquerque Isotopes amounted to two games, eight innings total, four appearances at bat — two ground outs, a strike out and a walk. Big deal.”

(video from here.)

Big deal indeed. I’m still chapped he got to play any sort of professional baseball before finishing up those last 50 games suspension.

Ah well, his return means that the very red hot Juan Pierre will likely sit.

And my “I think I can” SF Giants are only seven games out of first.

Remember when the Dodger fans greeted Barry Bonds with boos, cat calls of “cheater” and hucked batteries at him? Will they do the same for their own returning cheater?


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